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Jay Suter

Jay Suter

Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer
I am a highly skilled Personal trainer at the local gym in Eastbourne, with more than 3 years experience in the fitness industry. I work towards empowering my client's knowledge and skills to inspire them on their journey to a healthier life! I have a passion to design exercise and nutrition programmes that maximise workout efficiency. This has helped me to achieve many of my client's fitness goals, in a fun and dynamic environment. Together we will transform your quality of life through active participation in regular fitness activities.
Louise Success Story

Louise Success Story

Shape Your Body In 4 Weeks Routine

Workouts Designed Specifically For One Goal!

Workouts designed by experienced trainers and fitness enthusiasts. These workouts are goal specific and guaranteed to get your muscles fired up and burning. So go on, try one of them! You know it makes sense...

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Animal Bodybuildng

Animal Bodybuildng

Body Building Articles
Animal Bodybuilding. What a great choice of words. To feel the raw power, of an unhinged animal ripping away at everything to get what it wants. Ripping through barriers on it’s quest for ultimate survival. Dominating the environment and establishing itself as the “Alpha Male”. Is this really what the journey to bodybuilding success means […]
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Xercise4Less Preworkout Review
This Xercise4Less preworkout review is based my understanding that it is a stimulant based product (although I didn’t feel such effects…or did I?). In my opinion, the Beta Alanine content in the preworkout itself is in the middle range. I say this from my experience with taking products with a Beta Alanine content, as I […]
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We at Live For Gym trial products and supplements all the time. We want to be able to provide our friends with useful and guided information on products on the market.

With so much to choose from, it is difficult to decide if one product that works for one person, will work for the other. Understanding how products work is key to getting the maximum results from them.

They are called supplements and not substitutes. This is important when using them alongside a training regimen.

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How Much Protein In Egg White
How much protein in egg white is a common question amongst aspiring bodybuilders. There are huge amounts of advantages in cooked egg white nutrition. Included in a diet as a regular food, they are a superb source of good nutrition as well as being very healthy and delicious too.
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Split Peas Nutrition

Split Peas Nutrition

Nutrition Articles
Split peas nutrition is something that is often overlooked, when it comes to understanding different nutritional values of food. Split pease are small but highly nutritional, and as a part of the legume family, they provide many healthy benefits to your body and system. They are produced by harvesting the pods when they are completely […]
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Red Lobster Nutrition

Red Lobster Nutrition

Nutrition Articles
Lobsters come in many shapes, sizes and colours but most of us are only familiar with the red lobster. There has been some debate for many years as to whether red lobster nutrition is good for you or not – those against us eating lobster have never based their dissent on scientific fact!
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28 Day Sculptor Motivation section

28 Day Body Sculptor

A Free Body Shredding Routine For Her

Designed to get the muscles pumped up and the fat burning process ignited, sculpt your body today!

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