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07 May
Animal Bodybuilding. What a great choice of words. To feel the raw power, of an unhinged animal ripping away at everything to get what it wants. Ripping through barriers on it’s quest for ultimate survival. Dominating the environment and establishing itself as the “Alpha Male”. Is this really what the journey to bodybuilding success means with Animal Nutrition supplements?

06 May

About Xercise4Less Preworkout

Xercise4Star Preworkout 4 Star RatingThis Xercise4Less preworkout review is based my understanding that it is a stimulant based product (although I didn’t feel such effects…or did I?). In my opinion, the Beta Alanine content in the preworkout itself is in the middle range.

I say this from my experience with taking products with a Beta Alanine content, as I have had products with 200mg to 2100mg of Beta Alanine.