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So Why Am I Doing This Challenge?

It Is Giving Me Purpose!

I started out my New Year with the best intentions (as I always do HAHA) and changed my training style to suit being in lock down. Before the gyms shut, I was at my maximum in the gym. My diet was spot on, my training was impeccable and my strength had increased 10 fold.

Typical of my life, the minute something starts going my way, something steps in and tries to get in the way. I had my decline bench press up to 140kg for 4 reps and was loving it.

Of course this virus just couldn’t behave itself and decided that mutating was in the best interest of the global population. So we struck another lockdown!

As I always try to do, is to not let it get to me. So I adapted my training to suit a home workout style. Problem was, I was still on the diet I was before and used to lifting heavy weighs.

Try change from a 140kg decline press to press ups! It just wasn’t working for me. I started to feel like my training wasn’t going to have any effect on me and before I knew it, I was starting to slip.

To make matters worse, the heavens decided that it is the perfect time to dump a pile of snow everywhere. Making it damn near impossible to do anything outside. After trying spending hours and hours clearing my drive, sidewalk and road in front of my house, I buggered my ankle.


It Wasn’t Looking Good!

The only thing really that was left to do, was some to indulge in Brandy and Budweiser! Everything started slipping and I was losing control. Ironically I have established everything I do off my 4 Pillars of Success, but even I was slipping away now!

Things were just getting worse for me. My body was nowhere near in the shape it was before. My motivation was shot. The sight of my home workout equipment was p***ing me off! I was still eating clean (well that is a matter of opinion really lol), but also enjoying the odd bag of M&Ms now and then. If 3kgs a night is now and then 🙂

Now I am a huge Seth Feroce fan and I always watch his YouTube videos. Last Saturday (13 Feb 2021) I was eating my food and decided to put on one of his videos. The first one that came up (was not his normal style video), so it grabbed my attention.

This video was about his Axe & Sledge Transformation Challenge. Final submissions were 11:59pm EST on the 14th Feb. All of a sudden there was purpose again!

What Is This Challenge About?

Axe & Sledge 8 Week Transformation Challenge!

So basically there are two challenges that they are offering. There is the Body Transformation Challenge, and the Most Shredded Challenge.

The Body Transformation Challenge has a male and female class, and the prize is $10,000. For the Most Shredded Challenge, the prize is $5,000, but you also get a trip paid to Axe and Sledge Head Office with a tour of the facilities, meeting the staff, professional photo shoots and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Personally, it isn’t about the financial gain. Well at least I think is isn’t!

For me, the opportunity to visit the Head Quarters and meet with Seth would be a much bigger incentive. Therefore, that eliminates the focus of being for a financial gain, and rather for an emotional one (if that’s the right word for it).

The Problem!

However, the problem with the Most Shredded Challenge (for me), is the training style. Firstly, I look gauntly when I am ripped lol. Not always the best look. I rather prefer hard looking.

Secondly, I may have to travel back to work at anytime (I work abroad) and that would interfere with the training requirements for the challenge. Don’t get me wrong! The Transformation Challenge is just as intensive, but I feel the training style would be much better suited for me. Especially, if I need to travel.

Why Follow My Journey Then?

Because I Am Somewhat Of A Legend! That's Why! 😀

Honestly, I have decided that I need to up my game this year. I have had enough of this global crisis s**t (as I am sure many of you are too) and I need to change. This journey I am going to take is going to be hard.

There are check in deadlines and timeframes. I need to up my game, if I am going to succeed in this!

As my motto for my blog is transparency, I want to be transparent with my followers and readers. My progress will be shared “warts and all” on my private Facebook Support Group. This group is for all Live For Gymmers to support one another.

This goes for me as well. I support all my readers and followers, but I will need some support through this journey. My family are behind me and I am hoping my followers are too!

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All of which are completely Free. I do not spam my subscribers. Believe me, I have much better things to do with my life. Like destroying myself for the next 8 weeks!

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