Animal Bodybuildng

May 7, 2018 / Body Building Articles
Animal Bodybuildng

Animal Bodybuilding. What a great choice of words. To feel the raw power, of an unhinged animal ripping away at everything to get what it wants. Ripping through barriers on it’s quest for ultimate survival. Dominating the environment and establishing itself as the “Alpha Male”. Is this really what the journey to bodybuilding success means with Animal Nutrition supplements?

Bodybuilding in nature is a lone sport. A sport in which there is only one winner. What would it take for you to rise above the rest, with a jaw dropping physique and unrivalled mass? Could animal bodybuilding supplements really be the answer?

The fight for survival in the world of bodybuilding is brutal, mind challenging and hard. The determination to become the best is a journey which requires determination, focus and resilience. Would you be willing to tap into your inner animal to bring out the fire and passion required for success? Then keep reading!

About Animal Bodybuilding

Animal supplements have come a long way since their birth in 1983. Supplements designed to give hard trainers exactly what they need from a nutritional supplement. While the search for the holy grail of the best bodybuilding supplement continues, who can we turn to?

Providing the body with the nutrients it needs on a molecular level, is the fundamental basis behind successful growth and change. Does Animal bodybuilding supplements really provide these type of nutrients, the body so desperately needs?

What would really bring out the inner animal in us, when it is us against the machine and the only thing that matters is pushing through the only barrier that stops anyone. Their own mind!

Can we rely on Animal supplements to do this? Do we need to first think like an animal wanting their prey? Perhaps we are still learning to harness the power that lies in that deep dark place within us, waiting to break through the pain and tears to reach the top?

Are you an alpha male? Does your desire to succeed in reaching your goals surpass your “need” to remain “non animalistic”? Can you leave your past behind you, as you forge your way to success? If you said yes, then keep reading.

Why Use Animal Bodybuilding Supplements?

Animal Bodybuilding Supplements

Understanding that while you are a lone wolf in the gym, sculpting, toning and changing your body, you are not alone. You have a family. A family consisting of those that will lift you up and support you through your journey. Give you what you need to develop and be there throughout. Animal have forged their company on this basis.

They don’t just do this in person, they do it with their supplements. Specifically designed for a single purpose. The purpose for what they are intended. Weather you are doing a beginner bodybuilding routine, or a 12 week bodybuilding routine, the supplements will do what they say.

Have I experienced great results with Animal bodybuilding supplements? Yes I certainly have. And while I don’t consistently use them, I most certainly always return for more. For me, the world stops when I go to gym. It is my time. My domain. A place to let out my inner animal.

Do you want to feel what it feels like to tear through set after set, pushing boundaries and experiencing new horizons? Then this article is for you!

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What Animal Bodybuilding Supplements Are There?

Animal have a range of bodybuilding supplements designed for specific things. There is an array of different supplements out there that claim to be the best on the market. But how do we know they are the best? Is it simply due to advertising? Perhaps their brand is already well established, and the assumption is there that they are simply the best?

Below is a list of supplements that Animal Nutrition offer:

Universal animal stacks (Test booster & muscle gainer)
• Universal nutrition animal pump (Preworkout volumizing vitamin stack)
• Animal pak (High performance vitamins and minerals)
Animal test packs (Specifically designed ZMA formula – test booster)
• Universal animal test (Increase free test and muscle gaining ability)
Universal flex 44 packs (Complete joint support)
Animal flex (Protection for joints, ligaments and tendons)
• Animal pump (Preworkout supplement)
Universal Animal Flex Powder (Preworkout in powder form)
• Animal PM (Sleep and recovery formula)
Universal nutrition animal M-Stak (Non hormonal anabolic stack)
Universal Animal Nitro (Branch Chain Amino Acids)
Animal Whey (Whey protein formula)
Universal Animal Rage (Preworkout)
Animal Omega (Essential fats supplement)
Universal Animal Fury (Pre workout supplement)
• Universal Animal Pak Powder (Powdered drink version of Animal pak multi vitamin)

I myself have used the Universal Animal Pak, Universal Animal Rage, Universal animal flex. I had exceptional gains on these products and would recommend these to you. The team behind Animal have pulled out all the stops with their supplements.

Of all the brands out there, Animal rarely bring out the latest version of their products. In my opinion, this is simply because the original continues to work. Surely that should mean something right?

After Thoughts On Animal Bodybuilding

Best Supplements For Muscle Gain And Strength

As a brand, I feel that they are true to their motto when it comes to providing the right nutrients the body needs. I have always had good experiences when using Animal Nutrition products. The Animal Pak does what it says on the tin (if you can get past the particularly large tablets one must swallow).

Taking Branch Chain Amino Acids is important when training, but the best amino acid supplements out there will depend on your opinion. I felt good when I was taking the Universal Animal Nitro supplement. It is a product that I continue to purchase, when my cycle comes around to being Animal Nutrition products again.

The best supplements for muscle gain and strength will again lie with your own opinion. But if you are looking to try Animal Nutrition Supplements, then their Universal Animal Test would be a good buy.

I have been training for years, and I have always learnt to rely on those that speak the truth. Animal Bodybuilding do this with their products. It is why I always find myself loading my shopping cart with my next stack!

Keep training people, and keep lifting. Remember the only competition you should see in the gym is yourself. Like and share this post with your friends if you find it useful. Let others know about Animal Bodybuilding and what they offer the industry!

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