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09 Apr

How much protein in egg white is a common question amongst aspiring bodybuilders. There are huge amounts of advantages in cooked egg white nutrition. Included in a diet as a regular food, they are a superb source of good nutrition as well as being very healthy and delicious too.

02 Mar

There will be times that you come across problems with your group of clients. Whether you are salaried or self-employed, which is why you will need some form of Personal Trainers Insurance UK. Different rules apply if you are working abroad, but you must still have insurance for whichever country you work in.

28 Feb

As of December 2015, according to IBIS World Market Research, the Personal Training industry in the UK has shown an annual growth of revenue to over £611m and includes over 20,000 personal trainer businesses with over 22,000 employees. Fitness programmes have become more varied and diversified with groups such as Zumba, Bar Class, and Spinning.

27 Oct

Have you seen people doing it and have asked why rolling your shoulders during shrugs is bad? Well the answer can be quite a simple one. Think about the muscle that you are trying to work. Using shrugs as an exercise is aimed specifically at targeting the trapezius muscle. Scapular elevation is what you should be trying to achieve.

14 Oct

A high fibre diet is a diet plan that centres on the consumption of foods that are plentiful in dietary fibre, or roughage as it is commonly called. There are many foodstuffs that fall into this category, and both dieticians and your health professional would be able to tell you which ones are the best to consume, particularly if you have any form of stomach or bowel problems.