Best Bodybuilding Programs To Sculpt And Develop Your Muscles

April 9, 2018 / Body Building Articles
Best Bodybuilding Programs To Sculpt And Develop Your Muscles

For those seeking out the best Female bodybuilding programs and the best male bodybuilding program to sculpt their muscle size and strength, one of your priorities will be determining the best training regime that suits you individually.

It’s essential that you understand the importance of the factors that contribute to packing on lean muscle mass. Programs that utilise these basic principles will be seeing you results.

In my years of training muscular hypertrophy, I have tried lots of generic bodybuilding programs some complex some difficult, but the program I have always fallen back to are the original push pull splits with compound exercise beginning of each workout. I have found this program to be useful but straightforward.

A brief look at a conventional bodybuilding programs setups and procedures.

1. Split training

A highly recommended beginner bodybuilding workout program for Men and Women that are looking to pack on lean muscle mass, this type of training is typically two days on and one day off protocol. Making sure we get them rest days should be as important as the workout days themselves for adaptations to occur at the muscles fibres.

This program is extremely versatile for those more advanced trainees wanting to adapt this simple but effect bodybuilding program. For example, implementing pyramid setting can be implemented to increase the intensity of this program for more experienced trainees.

That’s what makes this bodybuilding program simple but specific to your needs.

Day 1 – Bodybuilding Chest And Triceps Workout

1 Barbell Chest Press Barbell Chest Press Start Barbell Chest Press Finish
2 Incline Barbell Chest Press Incline Barbell Chest Press Start Incline Barbell Chest Press Finish
3 Dumbbell Chest Press
4 Barbell Incline Bench Press Medium-Grip
5 Tricep Extensions Tricep Extension Start Tricep Extension Finish
6 Pushups Push Ups Start Push Ups Finish

Day 2 – Bodybuilding Back And Biceps Workouts

1 Deadlifts Deadlifts Start Deadlifts Finish
2 Bent Over Rows
3 Lat Pull Down Lat Pull Down Start Lat Pull Down Finish
4 Reverse Flyes
5 Single Arm Rows Single Arm Row Start Single Arm Row Finish
6 Pullups

Day 3 – Rest Day

Day 4 – Bodybuilding Shoulders And Traps Workouts

1 Dumbbell Shoulder Press Dumbbell Shoulder Press Start Dumbbell Shoulder Press Finish
2 Lateral Raises Lateral Raises Start Lateral Raises Finish
3 Frontal Raises Frontal Raises Start Frontal Raises Finish
4 Reverse Rear Delt Flyes Reverse Rear Delt Flye Start Reverse Rear Delt Flye Finish
5 Shrugs Shrugs Start Position Shrugs Finish Position
6 Handstand Pushups

Day 5 – Bodybuilding Leg Workout

1 Barbell Squats Barbell Squats Start Barbell Squats Finish
2 Dumbbell Lunges
3 Leg Extensions Leg Extensions Start Leg Extensions Finish
4 Leg Curls
5 Calf Raises Calf Raises Start Calf Raises Finish
6 Hip Thrusters

Day 6 – Bodybuilding Abs Workouts

1 Hanging Leg Raises Hanging Leg Raises Start Hanging Leg Raises Finish
2 Decline Bench Situps
3 Ab Wheel Rollout
4 Kneeling Cable Crunch Kneeling Cable Crunch Start Kneeling Cable Crunch Finish
5 Sit Ups Sit Ups Start Situps Finish
6 Plank Plank Start Plank Finish

Crossfit Vs Bodybuilding

Crossfit vs Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding in a nutshell – The primary focus of bodybuilding between both sexes is to build and develop muscle mass, and to reduce body fat as low as possible. Further, Each muscle part is worked separately to develop each muscle part from shoulders to calves.

Bodybuilding helps sculpt your body proportionally and aesthetically. However, you need to be patient and dedicated to achieving your desired results.

Crossfit in a nutshell – The primary focus is to become fitter and can be described as a strength and conditioning program. Unlike to bodybuilding, there isn’t a specific focus regarding muscle size and aesthetics.

The comparison between Crossfit Vs Bodybuilding

Crossfit is not characterised as a specialised sport. You have the workout of the day which will be getting you doing different kinds of workouts daily this is called WOD. You can be expected to be doing running in different terrains to Olympic lifting the exercises are very extensive and broad in nature.

However, In bodybuilding the regime of the workouts tend to focus on one specific muscle group per day with 4 – 6 exercises, 3 – 4 sets per individual exercise and between 8 – 12 repetitions per set with 60 – 80 seconds intervals (Rest). In Crossfit, the intensity is much higher than bodybuilding.

Therefore, more prone to injuries compared to bodybuilding. For some beginners, doing Crossfit is too intensive. Therefore, a recommendation would be to start off with bodybuilding, before beginningg a Crossfit workout.

Brief look at L-arginine and why is it beneficial to bodybuilders

L-arginine is produced in the body naturally, and its role in the protein synthesis is to work as a potent vasodilator. This allows for cellular functions and increasing muscle mass and much more.

L-arginine is a conditionally non-essential amino acid, meaning it’s not required in a healthy diet as humans produce it naturally.

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