Blackberries Nutrition

October 14, 2017 / Nutrition Articles
Blackberries Nutrition

There is so much to say about blackberries nutrition – the dark blue/purple hue of this fruit is the key to its nutritional content – the colour ensures that blackberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits which is critical in the fight against cancer.

Blackberries are best eaten in their natural state, picked fresh from the cluster of fruits that are grown on the bush. The blackberry is a ‘drupelet’ ie. grown in bunches, just the same as grapes. It is without doubt that blackberries are probably one of the best ever fruits to consume. If you ever see the names ‘brambleberries, brambles, dewberries, thimbleberries or lawers’ – these are all of the blackberry genus, and extremely good for you.

Studies show that regular consumption of blackberries should have a positive effect on general health, athletic performance and disease risk, but this merely touches the edges of the overall nutritional benefits of this super fruit.

The glossy, dark colour of blackberries is derived from Anthocyanins, or ‘flashy flavenoids’ as they are commonly known as. These are powerful phytonutrients which are known to protect the brain from ‘oxidative stress’ and have been connected to assisting in age-related diseases such as Alzheimers’ and dementia. They are certainly a ‘brain food’ as well as having many health-preserving properties.

Other benefits of blackberries nutrition are, but not limited to:

  • Low in calories, thereby an integral part of a weigh loss campaign
  • Rich in Vitamin C, for the prevention of colds and infections
  • Low sodium count
  • Healthy tightening of body tissue – promotes youthful skin
  • Long term consumption keeps the brain alert and aids in maintaining clarityof thought and memory retention
  • Benefits Of Blackberries NutritionThe high tannin content can have beneficial effects on the digestive system, such as reduction of intestinal inflammation and a soothing effect on diarrhoea
  • Some gargles and mouthwashes contain blackberry extract, which is an aid to oral hygiene, and can even be effective on sore throats and gum disease.
  • Healthy dose of Vitamin K – which aids as a muscle relaxant. Some pregnant women have reported a definite alleviation in labour pains (anything helps in this case!). Other feminine advantages can include regulation of menstruation and period pains.
  • A cup of fresh blackberries contains only 62 calories, less than 1 gram of fat and zero cholesterol! Fantastic news for those keen to lose weight.

Conclusion On Blackberries Nutrition

It is important to remember that fresh blackberries are the best route to improving your health –  you can always enjoy an apple and blackberry pie, but it won’t do much in terms of benefits to your lifestyle.  Used even as a snack, blackberries will give you an energy boost when you need it, and due to their fibre content, you can also feel quite full, thereby staving off hunger pangs when on a weight loss diet.

Blackberries really are a superfood and certainly one of the most beneficial fruits to buy and consume.

If possible, when buying fresh blackberries, try to check the condition of the fruit – they should have clean and shiny ‘aggregates’ (these are all the tiny single fruit globules that make up one entire berry), deep in colour, no hulls and certainly no form or fashion of mould.  Enjoy!

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