Bodybuilding Meals Plan Ideas

March 29, 2018
Bodybuilding Meals Plan Ideas

Finding good bodybuilding meals plan ideas can be quite tedious at times, especially when we need to make sure we are getting our specific macro split that calculates how much grams of protein, fat, carbohydrates we individually need to consume per meal, day and week.

Planting this foundation will route you in the right direction I can ensure you. When looking at bodybuilding breakfasts, we plan the ingredients needed for that nutritious first meal of the day.

However we don’t know how many grams of the individual macronutrient and the kcal they total too.  This should be the primary focus for the start of every day.

However, not just for the breakfast plan but all meals spread across the day. Beginner bodybuilding nutrition planning starts with consuming the correct amount of Kcal to maintain your current body weight that can be calculated by BMR + PAL which is the most useful guide in finding out your total energy expenditure within that day to maintain body weight.

Tips For Bodybuilding Meals Plan Ideas

When we train muscular hypertrophy component of fitness in a gym setting, we know that micro tears occur during exercise and adaptation happen when at rest during sleep.

We then should start thinking about the nutritional aspect of things like increasing protein and carbohydrates to make sure sufficient adaptations are occurring to the muscle to develop in size and strength. Tips for gaining muscle, 30-60 kcals per week increase (75/25 split) Or 10-20% surplus will be sufficient enough to allow for a certain amount of muscle growth during a particular time period.

Getting In The Proteins

High protein snacks for bodybuilding like whey protein are a beneficial way of replenishing our amino acid pools. These are stored within the mitochondria within the muscle where our body feeds off when looking for sufficient protein for our muscle repair.

Sometimes tracking Kcals can be daunting. Some individuals do not want to follow their Kcal intake. Here is an easy way to monitor your intake and adjust when needed without Kcal counting; Doing this should be a priority.

Start by adding one cupped handful of carbohydrates and/or one thumb of fat to few meals each day. This will begin the cycle of muscle development.

Like and share this article on bodybuilding meals plan ideas if you find it useful. Having the right information about bodybuilding meal prep ideas can go a long way to getting the results you deserve.

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