Top 7 Best Bodybuilding Misc Tips to Increase Performance

February 12, 2021
Top 7 Best Bodybuilding Misc Tips to Increase Performance

There are given requirements when it comes to bodybuilding, However, there are some bodybuilding miscellaneous tips that can help you improve your training and physique. And I am going to share with you my top 7 bodybuilding misc tips to increase performance.

But before I do, I want to ask you a quick question. Why do you feel you need to increase your performance? Is there something you feel you are lacking in your training? I would love to find out in the comments section below.

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Let us look at these 7 bodybuilding tips I am going to share with you in this article.

  • Motivation
  • Clean Eating
  • Don’t resist the Resistance.
  • Targeted Sessions
  • Exercise Variations
  • Your Body is Your Friend
  • Go Against the Grain

7 Best Bodybuilding Misc Tips

Tip 1: Finding the right Motivation

Motivation is an internal factor. Something that we as individuals need to first develop within ourselves before we can experience an increase in training desire and intensity.

One of the biggest battles you will face during your bodybuilding journey is the one with your mind. It is the single most advantageous or destructive weapon you have in your arsenal.

Learning to harness your mind during your training journey, is what will deliver the results. You do this by motivating yourself every day.

There are several ways in which you can motivate yourself, but remember, motivate for you and not for someone else. Sounds like an oxymoron, right?

Motivate for You!

What I mean is, do not get yourself motivated to do something that is for someone else. Like trying to get a certain body type because a girl likes it that way. The result is not for you, therefore the motivation you are working on is neither.

I like watching bodybuilding motivation videos. They are normally watched while I’m eating all my meals (helps take the pain away lol). I’m a huge fan of Seth Feroce YouTube Motivation videos. Careful! He doesn’t have a filter between his brain and mouth 😊

For a more in-depth article on the fundamentals of motivation, read Pillar 4 of the 4 Pillars Of Success – Motivating Yourself.

Tip 2: Eating Clean


Bodybuilding requires large amounts of clean protein!

Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilding is a science, and the training and subsequent diet will attest to that.

The philosophy behind bodybuilding is to maximize muscle development and growth, while burning fat. As counter intuitive as it may sound, it is possible to do, therefore a solid eating methodology is adopted.

Whichever journey you are on, whether it be bodybuilding or weight loss, you will follow an eating plan. You are essentially eating for purpose.

For maximum bodybuilding gains, you want to be eating as clean as you can. Yes, there is a financial aspect required as you will need to buy food to eat. There is no two ways around it. Hence, why some call bodybuilding a “rich mans” sport.

Your Diet – Your Goal!

Focus on providing your body with what it needs when it needs it. Therefore, a strict diet regimen is required. The single most important nutritional element you need for bodybuilding is protein. This is one of my most important bodybuilding misc tips!

Protein is the building blocks of muscle as it increases muscle synthesis. There are ongoing debates as to the benefits of protein variation intakes. Such as plant-based protein vs animal protein.

This is in relation to the 9 essential amino acids your body gets from animal proteins.

However, plant-based proteins are not classed as “whole or complete” proteins. Therefore, to achieve your daily intake of amino acids, various plant-based foods need to be consumed in a 24hr period. It is possible, you just need to ensure you get enough in during the day to meet your daily requirements.

Getting in your Protein

If you are a meat eater, then make sure you pack in your protein sources. Go lean! Lean proteins such as chicken, turkey and fish are high in proteins and nutrients and easier to eat throughout the day.

Vary your protein intake, with some red meats. These are high in irons and other essential nutrients, but also take longer to digest.

Use my macro calculator to calculate your macros and find out what you should be getting in!

Tip 3: Don’t Resist the Resistance

Performing a rep in a specific and controlled range of motion is effective enough to develop muscle. So why add resistance then if there is already resistance in the range of motion?

Resistance training changes the dynamics of the rep or lift. There is scientific research regarding the effectiveness of incorporating resistance training into your workout, but with lack of sufficient evidence.

The ideal bodybuilding training method is hypertrophy training. Resistance training is used to stimulate muscle hypertrophy and to develop strength. So, using resistance training techniques into your workouts can be a great addition.

It not only adds variation to your training, but it can also help you break through workout plateaus. Even prevent you from suffering from training monotony. If you feel your workout is lacking something, throw in some resistance.

Try attaching resistance bands to your barbell when you are bench pressing is another great bodybuilding misc tip for you!

Tip 4: Targeted Sessions

This is key to your bodybuilding journey success. Understand what it is that you are doing. Are you training for muscle size, strength, or bodybuilding aesthetics?

It is important to determine which one you are training towards. I have encountered many people in the gym that are confused with their objectives.

Each of these training types has their own techniques and merits. If you want to train muscle size, then time under tension and full range of motion is what you are looking for.

Strength training is heavy lifting, shorter reps and longer rest periods. You will develop strength over time with bodybuilding, but not as quickly as strength training or power lifting for example.

Tip 5: Workout and Exercise Variations

It may be difficult to believe, but your body remembers what it is supposed to do. If your routine is Chest on Monday, Legs Tuesday…etc, your body knows this.

You get to the gym on Monday and your body already knows it is going to warm up with a certain exercise. Then it is going to start with barbell bench press, then move on to incline barbell press (or whatever your routine is).

I don’t want to be as bold as to say this is habit, but it does have the same characteristics.

Bodybuilding Misc TipRemember, you are only as good as your last workout!


Mix it up a bit!

Change up your routine. Go in on a Monday and start with decline barbell press for instant. This is a change to your normal routine, and you have more power to perform it.

Changing your routine from time to time gives a sense of new beginning. Something different to your journey.

You may also feel an increase in motivation as you can suddenly do more of a particular exercise because you have more power.

Exercise and workout variations also stimulate more muscle growth receptors. You are working muscles which normally don’t get worked with as much intensity.

Try this variation for cable bicep flat bar curls.

Lower the pulley to the bottom of the rack. Attach the flat bar (or any one for that matter), then hold the bar and lie down on the floor. Your neutral position should be over your groin. Then with your triceps against the floor, perform your curl.

One of my favourite bodybuilding misc tips! A bicep curl is a bicep curl. Regardless of your position. So, change it up a bit!

Tip 6: Your body is your Friend!

Bodyweight exercises press ups

Work on strengthening your body by using it’s own weight!

Don’t forget how effective your body is when it comes to using it to train it. Include more body weight exercises into your bodybuilding routine. It is easy to forget that many people can’t push or pull their own body weight.

Think about pull ups! Not many people can do one complete pull up. Or even squat their own body weight.

Train your body to lift or push itself. Include press ups in your routine. With lock down, a lot of my training now is modified body weight exercises and resistance training.

However, while I was training in the gym, I was always doing at least 100 press ups and body weight squats in the morning when I woke up.

Don’t be scared to start training your body to become harder and more resilient.

Tip 7: Go Against the Grain

Bodybuilding is a personal journey and one of self-development and growth. Stand out from the crowd! Don’t be a sheep. Learn the techniques for effective bodybuilding and dieting and then forge your own path to success.

Those that stand out are those that get the best results. They stand out because they have chosen a different path in life. Fear of failure is engrained in us in order to keep us from becoming something. Don’t follow this grain!

You are your own source of power, motivation, support and guidance. All these things you need to have developed within yourself, before you can accept if from others.

Bodybuilding Misc TipBecome who you are! Not who you are told to be!


Your Takeaway on These 7 Bodybuilding Misc Tips

Keeping your motivation solid throughout your bodybuilding journey is important. You need to be motivated for yourself and not for anyone else. So ensure that you tap into your inner beast and keep him alive!

Dieting is key! Know what you are trying to achieve, and get the right foods in. Ensure your daily protein in take is kept to the optimum level and that your sources of food are clean.

Add some resistance to your workouts. Change the dynamics in the way you lift. You will be surprised at the results you will achieve.

Know what your training type is. Understand that there are differences in the types of training that you can do. If it is bodybuilding, then train for hypertrophy.

Vary your workouts and exercises. Don’t succumb to the soul destroying workout plateau that many of us have experienced. Change up your sets and exercises. Make it fun and keep yourself motivated!

Use your body to its advantage! Focus on developing body strength and in turn reap the rewards during your heavy lift sessions.

Don’t be a sheep. Forge your own way to success and stand out from the crowd!

I hope you found my 7 Bodybuilding Misc Tips useful for your bodybuilding journey. Like and share this post with your friends if you found it useful.

Remember to leave your comments below and answer to my question at the beginning of this post!

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