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19 Mar

So far my body challenge has been going as well as can be. There have been many times where I have been challenged with emotions such as giving in or losing motivation.

It is times like this that I need to be strong and keep focused on where I am headed.

What makes things worse, is working my training and dieting into my daily life. Working from home has more challenges than one is prepared for.

It is easy to think that being at home, has more pros than cons. However, being at home for a year now has been challenging.

My whole career has been working abroad, so I never really got to see my family. So of course, being able to be at home every day with my kids is rewarding, but it is also challenging.

They are also stuck at home (lock down is brilliant for that), so they need to be entertained lol. Well according to them anyway.

While I am trying to get my work done for clients, and everyday life, things do get challenging.

Sometimes it is easier just to stop! But then where would I get if I kept stopping?

Where is my motivation at?

Body-Challenge-ResultsIt is still there, believe me. However, I am finding it more and more challenging to keep focused on what I need to do and forget about things that are causing me disturbance.

Maybe it is just what I have been sacrificing during my body challenge.

I have not gone over the top with anything, but I have been disciplined (to a point lol). I guess there are just times when it is easier to dwell on what is going wrong, than what is going right.

But I have enough will power and practice at controlling my mind, so those feelings are often very short lived.

The transition

My body is transforming (so that helps my motivation), however it is more about how I can push through negativity and still have a good home workout.

My workouts at home always seemed an effort when I was starting out. Probably because I wasn’t fully prepared for the transition from gym workouts to home workouts.

But as the weeks progress, I am becoming much more focused and enthusiastic about training at home.

With my mindset shifted towards home workouts, I can modify and adapt my training to suit my goals.

When my mind was still stuck in the gym, I was not able to focus on what home gym equipment I had in front of me. Thus, being unable to come up with other ways to add variations to my workouts.

This is the problem when our mindset is not fully developed for the journey ahead.

When we are confronted with obstacles, we need to over come them.

Otherwise, our goals will become the obstacles.

Training and Exercising

Today’s training started off a little slowly as I got caught up in some work for clients. I got one of my two meals in before training.

It was a shoulder workout, so I was a bit apprehensive about it as I knew that the insanity workouts, I was going to do in the afternoon was going to work my shoulders.

Nevertheless, I had a good workout and managed to get in high reps with low rest times.

Although I have massively adapted my training and found other variations to shoulder exercises, I am still not equipped for heavy lifting. Yet!

From experience, I have trained my shoulders hard before an insanity workout. This also landed on the day when the workout required the most groundwork. Such as Level 1 and 2 drills lol.

I was in absolute agony. My shoulders just had nothing left in them to support my own weight haha 😀

However, the striations and development in my shoulders after the 2-month program was well worth the pain.

Of course using Axe and Sledge Supplements are taking seriously increasing my gains.

Getting in the right food!

Getting-in-the-right-foodToday I was spot on with my diet. Apart from missing a meal in the morning, I got them all in after my insanity workout.

I find that I am not craving as much junk food as I was before. Maybe because my muscle to fat ratio has increased.

This happened to me in the past as well. Once I hit that ratio, the cravings seem to get better.

They don’t go away completely, but they certainly subside quite dramatically.

However, it is coming up to the weekend, so I think I will have a cheat meal on Sunday night after my weekly check in.

Got to have to something to look forward to I guess. But that is all it is. Just a cheat meal.

Then I get back to work!

So what’s up for tomorrow?

Tomorrow is the last training day of my body challenge week. That will mark six days of bodybuilding workouts and six days of HIIT home workouts.

It will be a hard session. Especially the insanity one. That is Core Cardio and Insane Abs.

There will be much screaming and pain. One of the best reasons why I am looking forward to it 😀

Nothing beats the feeling I get after busting my balls during one of Mr Shaun T’s insane workouts.

I cannot recommend it enough to people. If you are looking to seriously drop some fat, then this workout will do just that for you.

My takeaway for Day 32 of my Body Challenge

I guess it will have to be staying true to myself and keep believing in what I can accomplish.

Despite my body changing and my muscle development increasing, I am most proud of what I have overcome.

There have been some days when I have entertained the notion that I am prepared to quit.

This is something I DON’T DO! But I was seriously considering it a few times.

It really is times like these, that we need to stay focused more than ever on our journey and road to success.

Keep staying positive. Always remember that, there is a positive in every negative.

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