Day 35 Challenge Check In

March 23, 2021
Day 35 Challenge Check In

Today is the weekly challenge check in and marks the end of Week 5 of this Axe and Sledge Transformation Challenge.

So far, I am down 15lbs since I started this challenge. Not bad for 5 weeks!

But I am no longer in weight loss, but rather in fat burning mode. My weight is not decreasing as much anymore, as I am putting on muscle.

It wasn’t the intention to still build muscle this late into the challenge, but I am happy the way things are going.

Of course, when I took my photos for the challenge check in, I saw again that the photos just don’t reflect my results the right way lol.

But I am past that now. I am happy with my results and I have plans for myself after this challenge has been completed.

Where’s my motivation at?

I guess I my motivation is more about what I am going to do after this challenge, rather than during it.

Of course I am still committed to it, but I am committed to the changes I have made to myself and my life.

This is what is going to carry me further on in my life. I have realized (as difficult as it was) that there is a life outside of gym lol.

It is possible to keep training, being active and keeping your body in shape.

Don’t get me wrong. The gyms will open and I will go back and train, but I will also not let myself get tied down to them again.

My focus now, is about helping others to see that with hard work and the right mindset, they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Training and Exercising

Today was my day off from training. Even though I was feeling like a badly needed rest, I was also anxious about not training haha.

Perhaps it was that I figured I was going to lose my gains so close to the end of the competition lol.

But if I am honest, I really did need the break. Training bodybuilding routines for an hour and a half in the morning, then 45 minutes of intense insanity workouts in the afternoon is hard going.

As much as training is important, rest is as well. It is important to remember that.

Getting in the right food

To be honest I didn’t eat before my challenge check in lol. Wanted to see how the photos came out with no food or water haha.

As photos always go (with me anyway), they don’t do my physique any justice. So I didn’t look as good as I had hoped in the photos.

I did get in some of my normal diet of chicken, rice broccoli, but the sun was out, and the family wanted a BBQ.

As a South African, that did not take much convincing 😀

So, what’s up for tomorrow?

Tomorrow I will be back on my training and dieting. That will start Week 6, leaving only 3 weeks left to go for this transformation challenge.

I plan on changing my morning training routines around a little bit to accommodate the insanity workouts in the afternoon.

Some of the HIIT workouts require a lot of ground work and plank holds. This becomes difficult if I have trained my chest or shoulders in the morning. Sometimes the day before.

So I will need to go through the workouts again and see how much ground work is required. That way I will be able to modify my morning sessions.

My takeaway for Day 35 Challenge Check in

It will have to be to forget about the pictures and how they reflect on my results. This is all mental lol.

I am very much aware of it, but hey, it still sucks to see that the photos don’t reflect the true progress I am making.

Nevertheless, it is something that I deal with really only on a Sunday lol. Because that is the day that photos are taken 😊

The rest of the week is about the hard work that gets put in and the discipline it takes to keep going and stay motivated.

I guess I will wrap up with that. There is nothing else that I feel I can add that will add some insight into my challenge check in day.

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