Day 36 Challenge Transformation

March 23, 2021
Day 36 Challenge Transformation

So day 36 challenge transformation marks the start of Week 6. This is where the heat is getting turned up. A lot of changes are going to happen.

Am I looking forward to it? I guess I’ll find out lol 😀

I felt as though I got weaker today after having my day off yesterday but turns out I had just as much power as before.

It was probably the last 5 weeks of this challenge transformation that has made me think I am losing power. Even strength!

Believe it or not, most of this challenge is all a mindset. Sure, there are physical and emotional factors that are in play. However, all of it is driven by my mind.

Without the right mindset driving you forward to achieving your goals and objectives, nothing worth while is going to happen.

How is my mind changing?


Don’t repeat the same bad cycle – Step away and rethink it all

From the start of this challenge, it was about purpose and finding my place again in the world of healthy living and fitness.

I set my mind on changing, not just how I look, but also how I feel towards things. Specifically, my actions or reactions to things.

This is what triggered the journey into that dark place I was before this challenge started.

However, now I find that my mindset has shifted to achieving peace within myself and satisfaction with whom I am.

I would like to say become, but that would really imply that I am just becoming myself.

Taking A Knock!

My mindset has taken a huge knock during this pandemic (like millions of others), most of which can be attributed to never expecting it to happen.

This shift in mindset during my challenge transformation has made me see things from a different perspective.

Even the way I view my Social Media profile. I’m not one for much self-promotion on Social Media, but I do feel now, that my blog has taken on a life of it’s own.

My goal is to show people that everything they do starts with their mind and to understand the fact that they are not broken.

Where is my motivation at?


Make sure your mind is focused – This way you are in control of your actions!

My motivation to become a better version of myself is increasing every day. However, my motivation to win this challenge (as in getting selected) is reducing.

I’ve stepped away from the whole outside validation aspect of this challenge and focused more on becoming the best version of myself I can.

This includes being a better father, husband, and friend to others.

All these things suffered because of my actions when I had given up on things.

Not to mention not having work (well my main job anyway lol) and struggling to bring money in.

These things have all taken their toll on my mental well being and as a result, those close to me have suffered.

I am a very easy person to be around. Mostly because I live an extremely simple life. By that I mean, I don’t (normally) get worked up over things. I’m of the mind, if it doesn’t care about me, I won’t care about it.

This newfound motivation to help others achieve their goals through a shift in mindset, is what is driving me forward.

Training and exercising

My morning workout was an arm workout. I haven’t hit my arms in one session for a couple weeks now. So, I figured today would be the day that I smash in one go!

Of course, I totally forgot about my afternoon insanity HIIT workouts. I smashed my triceps to maximum failure lol.

Do you think I was able to hold the plank positions and do the required drills lol. Not a chance!

But to be honest, it was a good session, and my arms needed an individual session to get them working hard.

My old tendonitis injury is starting to play up in my left elbow, so that is causing somewhat of a hinderance to my bicep development.

But I have been doing this a while now lol, so I know how to work around it. Or at least hit my biceps from a different direction.

Loving the HIIT workouts

I love doing HIIT workouts and I know full well the benefits of including HIIT workouts into your training regimen.

My go-to HIIT workout is Beachbody Insanity Workouts. The first one of 60 days. Absolutely love these doing these workouts.

Don’t get me wrong, they are not by any stretch of the imagination easy! But they are so worth it at the end. I feel awesome after every workout. After I have had a few goes at the defibrillator 😀

However, it turns out that I got my days mixed up with my insanity workouts. I thought I was doing Plyomteric Cardio Circuit today, but in fact that is tomorrow ha-ha.

So, I busted my way through that, just to find out I have to do it all over again tomorrow 😀

I will let you know how I get on with that mistake tomorrow lol!

Getting in the right food


Make sure your body gets the right food at the right time

I’ve got my diet sorted for this week. It is still the usual chicken, rice and greens, but I am going to reduce the amount of rice.

Dinner time is something different, but it always entails chicken lol.

Not looking to add any heavy proteins in for my last weeks of this challenge transformation.

Near the end, I will reduce my calories, salt and water.

But I am still making sure my meals are prepped. Until recently, this was something I was struggling with. I figured cooking it when I needed food would workout better.

Turns out it wouldn’t lol. But hey! That’s why they call it hindsight lol.

So what’s up for tomorrow?

Tomorrow will be another hard day of training (think my mistake with Plyometric Cardio Circuit Workout lol), but it is all in the name of the game.

To become a better version of myself and achieve a level of happiness that I deserve. After all, what is the point of doing anything if it doesn’t make us happy or content?

I will prepare my meals tonight, so looking at preparing around 4 of my chicken, rice and greens dishes.

Tomorrow is also the day that my daughter is in school and my son is in nursery. So, I will have some peace time to focus on my client’s work, but most importantly my blog lol. One must prioritize 😀

My takeaway for my challenge transformation

My takeaway would have to be focusing on my goals and continuously developing my mindset. This is what is carrying me and driving me to complete this challenge transformation in the best way I can.

S**t always gets in the way when you want something bad enough. The part I have learnt to understand with this, is that I have no control over when, how or why these things happen.

But what I can control is how I react to them and the subsequent actions I take thereafter.

Anything external is always out of our control. But everything internal is. This is the part that is the most important and the part that I focus on every day in life.

Well I hope this post didn’t bore you too much. Although if it gave you the sleep you deserve, then I’ve done my bit lol 😀

Please feel free to like and share this post with your friends and family if you felt it added value to your day.

I welcome all comments and suggestions, so please feel free to leave them below and we can discuss them.

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