Why Following Crash Diets Is Not The Right Answer

October 14, 2017
Why Following Crash Diets Is Not The Right Answer

Crash diets in various forms have been around for years, but there is a time and a place for them. Every one of us at some point in time wishes they could lose a few pounds, a stone or more in a very short period.
You look in the mirror and you swear that the reflection staring at you cannot possibly be yours – but it is.

How do you define a ‘crash diet’?

Pretty simply, a crash diet will shed pounds from your body at a rapid rate, mainly due to deprivation of calories. The heavier or more overweight you are, the faster you will lose pounds until you reach the inevitable weight loss plateau. It is possible to lose 7lbs in a week, depending on which body starving method you follow, and there are are plenty of them on the market. Some crash diet ‘gurus’ claim that your weight loss can be between 20-30lbs in a month – but ask yourself, does this sound healthy or sensible?

A crash diet should be simply as it sounds, fast, furious and bang – weight loss achieved.  Dieting in this fashion has huge pitfalls along with the benefits of being able to fit into that dress, be beach worthy,  be able to button up your trousers, or perhaps you have got a part time job as a stripogram and want to shed those pounds quickly.

But it should be left at that and for those reasons only – long term crash dieting will cause health problems and certainly has side effects, unless, you pick a sensible crash diet to provide you with all the necessary nutrients and antioxidants to keep your body in tip top condition.

If you decide to crash diet, pick the plan that suits your lifestyle and that you find easy to follow – perhaps Dr Oz’s 7-day crash diet will fit your food preferences and needs, based on the fact that you can eat as much as you want of the right foods.

Crash Diet InformationMaybe Joel Fuhrman’s 7-day crash diet plan – the two are heavily linked in choosing the right foods that not only enable you to crash diet, but also to achieve optimum health with little or no side effects. Whilst you crash – on these diets it simply means get on with it. You can sustain these styles of diet long term, as you are feeding your body with exactly what it needs.

Your body is a temple – so feed it correctly and it will behave as you need it to. If you are going to crash diet, base it on your current weight and what you need to achieve. Starvation is not the answer. Try to be realistic about your goals – a happy crash dieter is more likely to stick to their diet plan.But do look a little further – once you have achieved that interim loss that you wanted, follow a sensible calorific plan regularly and include high fibre, high protein and low glycaemic carb foods. You will most probably never need to ‘crash diet’ again.

Popular Crash Diets

There are many crash diets available via the internet, some of the most popular being:

  • Dr Oz Crash Diet/Dr Oz 7-day crash diet
  • Dr Fuhrman and Dr Fuhrmans 7-day crash diet
  • 7 day cabbage soup diet
  • Ducan 3-7 day plan

Both Dr Oz and Joel Fuhrman recommend a nutrient dense crash diet, basically consuming as much as you want of the right foods such as fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains, so there are no hunger pangs or food deprivation to turn you off dieting. The nutrients consumed satisfy your hunger and ensure that you don’t reach for a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps because you think you are starving.

Most commonly promoted superfoods are a feature of this crash diet plan, and  processed or fake diet foods are religiously banned. 90% of your weekly intake must consist of these highly nutritional foods, but you are allowed 10% of foods such as lean meat, healthy oils (natural oils such as olive or nut oils), and a little dairy.

As for the other two other aforementioned diets, these are much more restrictive in their content and more likely to cause participants to deviate – after all, who wants to eat cabbage for 7 days on a crash diet, let alone smell it! Even if you stick to 7 days, you certainly will be rushing for that bit of junk food afterwards!

Crash Diets that Work

Crash Diets That WorkCrash diets will, of course, only work if you stick to them, so the easier it is to source your products including variety, the more likely you are to work through your plan. Crash diets that work will be those that are easy to follow, keep you feeling full and satisfied, and are easy to shop for.

Supermarket shopping with produce all under one roof will make your life easier – if you had to start going to several different stores, the likelihood is that your crash diet will crash and burn very quickly. Both Dr Oz and Dr Fuhrman have many excellent testimonials to their crash diet plans to prove that this style of eating really does work. So stay away from the cabbage, the super juice three times a day, and create a sensible eating plan for yourself. They may work short term, but those pounds will pile back on as soon as you revert to your normal eating regime.

Dr Oz and Dr Fuhrman’s typical day in their 7-day crash diet plan would be along these lines:

  • Breakfast – an almond milk smoothie with berries and rice protein powder and cup of organic green tea
  • Snack – couple of handfuls of nuts, such as walnuts
  • Lunch – as much as you can eat salad, including lettuce, cucumber, radishes, peppers, green onions, mange tout or sugar snap peas, with a little olive oil and lemon dressing
  • Snack – hummus and vegetable crudités
  • Dinner –6 oz lean meat such as chicken or turkey, or 6 oz fresh fish with as many low-glaecemic vegetables as you can manage, such as broccoli, cabbage (all types), cauliflower, green beans, celery, leeks, asparagus.

So get cracking and get crashing! ENJOY.


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