Day 21 Transformation Challenge

March 8, 2021
Day 21 Transformation Challenge

Day 21 Transformation Challenge brings me to Week 3 Check in. This will supposedly mark the end of my bulking phase.

It was never the intention to bulk in the beginning as I mentioned in yesterdays blog post. However, I did feel that with the addition of some new equipment, I may as well hit it hard.

I dropped 2lbs this week. But I am also putting on muscle size again. Although you wouldn’t think by looking at the check in photos. There is barely a difference. Damn Lighting!

Going to need to work on that soon lol. Otherwise, it looks like I am doing nothing haha.

One thing I will say though, the weight I am dropping (although not significant), is from my gut. I am dropping weight around the mid-section, but I am also dropping internally. My stomach is pulling back inwards.

I take Axe and Sledge Glutamine (basic range), twice daily and there has been a notable improvement in my gut. Well, it certainly helps clear a room if I need some quite time lol.

Where’s my motivation at?

To be honest, I did have a small dip in motivation yesterday when I took my check in photos. I know that I am progressing and that there is a difference.

But when you see yourself in pictures that don’t represent what is truly happening, it makes you think that others won’t see it too.

I don’t train or do anything for outside validation (I am not saying it doesn’t feel good when you get it), but that has always been how I do things.

When your motives are not for yourself first, but for others, it becomes harder to see things through to the end.

This drop in motivation didn’t last long, so it was easy to pull myself out of it. I kind of had to really quick though, as I could feel myself slipping back into that dark place lol.

One Step At A Time

We just need to keep moving one step at a time. I have my objectives set out for the end of my Axe and Sledge Transformation Challenge, but I also have my weekly milestones.

So far, I am meeting these milestones (with a few dips and sways along the way), but that keeps my motivation on track. It is all part of the journey as I need to embrace all the experiences.

Training and Exercising

Today was a Chest workout with a bit of triceps at the end. My strength is increasing dramatically over the weeks, and my chest dips are getting much better.

I was able to get 87 reps over 5 sets (unweighted dips), with 60 second rest intervals in between. This is an increase over last weeks chest workout. So, I am pleased with this result.

However, from this week on, my HIIT training is going to start. This where I need to prepare myself. I went through this cutting phase before and it was hard.

There is a lot of strict dieting and training. Around an hour and a half of weight training, 45mins of HIIT workouts and 30-45mins of cardio in the morning or the evening.

But the best part about this cycle is that it is challenging. It really is! Every workout is mentally and physically challenging and it is always a fight. Love it!

Getting in the right food

Day-21-Transformation-Challenge-DietingI wasn’t too bad today with my food. Again, I didn’t get in all my meals, but that was part intentional really. There were things I needed to get done today and I didn’t prioritize my food.

It had probably more to do with it being Check In day and I wasn’t too worried about my meals for the day. Although I did get them in.

My wife made a campfire stew in the slow cooker, so I was kind of saving my appetite for that lol. It was healthy, it always is when my wife cooks haha.

But I suppose all in all, my meals for the day and even the week were ok. My weekly meals could have been a little better, but that is something I have acknowledged and will work on it for Week 4.

For the last 5 weeks, I will start to slowly cut down on my carbs. I won’t completely cut them out, but I will start to reduce the intake more each week.

What’s up for tomorrow?

Tomorrow I am going to start my HIIT workouts. I normally do the Beachbody Insanity workout. The first one they released, not the T25 or T30 workouts.

I did try the T25 workout once, but it requires a fair bit of coordination to get it done properly. Currently I have the coordination skills of a fruit fly. So, it wasn’t working for me.

Figured it was better to stick to something I know I can do and that works. If it aint broke…

There are also some changes to my dieting and training. Therefore, I will need to be planning for those respectively.

My body building routines won’t change much, it is more about planning my meals around my training and daily activities.

It is going to be long and hard days when it comes to training, so I need to allow enough time for food and rest. Just need to make sure I get enough rest in at night.

My takeaway for Day 21 Transformation Challenge

My takeaway for Day 21 transformation challenge will probably be forgetting about check in days lol. They are always a bit of an anti-climax when it comes to the progress photos.

Really think I need to work on lighting lol. The pictures are very deceptive, and I suppose I am more worried that the photos will not be judged correctly as they don’t reflect the real results.

But this is something I need to work on within myself.

In all honesty, this challenge (for me anyway) has taken on a life of its own. It is great to feel excited again and to push myself towards something I look forward to achieving.

Well, I guess I will wrap up with that. If there is anything you would like to leave as a comment, please feel free to do so at the bottom, and we can discuss it.

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