Day 22 Transformation Challenge

March 9, 2021
Day 22 Transformation Challenge

Day 22 Transformation Challenge marks the first day of Week 4. Things are starting to heat up now lol!

I have started to include my HIIT workouts into my daily training routines. So today was my first day getting back into it.

This type of training style is going to be hard for the next few weeks. I have done it before, and it is brutal on my body.

However, it does deliver results. Although it isn’t something I recommend to beginners. There is a lot of joint abuse and movements.

My go-to HIIT workout is Beachbody 60-day insanity. I never do the full 60 days, as I only really need the first 4 weeks to get the results I want.

If I am active in the day, my body burns fat. My body responds well to physical activities and diet.

I have ordered my Axe and Sledge Hoodie, so can’t wait for that to arrive. Been trying to order one for weeks now, but they have all been out of stock lol.

Where’s my motivation at?


Well, I dropped 2lbs last week. Which is good for me considering I am putting on muscle density again!

This is helping to keep me motivated. Despite my check in photos not truly reflecting the results haha.

I am also heavily invested in this Axe and Sledge Transformation Challenge. Already at the halfway mark, so I will see it through.

Truth be told, the motivation is getting easier to maintain now.

The hard part was getting my body and mind back into training hard. This was the problem before I started this challenge.

While I am quite resourceful when it comes to finding training techniques to keep active, I was becoming stagnant in my efforts.

Now that I am able to train effectively again, my mind is stronger, and my motivation is more focused.

Training and Exercising

As the weeks progress, my training and workout efficiency are increasing significantly. There is a dramatic increase in my strength.

I can categorically tell you that it has everything to do with my training and diet, however, the increase is compounded using Axe and Sledge Supplements.

These supplements are by far the most versatile and effective products I have ever taken.

Apart from the Seventh Gear Preworkout (which kicks in immediately), all the other products have taken around a week for their effects to start showing.

My recovery time has reduced almost 100%. Strength and endurance have increased 10-fold. My sessions are hard, focused, and unwavering.

In all my years of training, I have never come across a supplement brand that literally delivers on what it promotes.

Today was a bicep workout and core workout. This isn’t really a workout combination that I do very often. But as I always say. Variation makes training more challenging and exciting!

Getting in the right food!

There is no excuses for my meal prep now. I am not going through the same mistakes as last week.

I prep my food the first thing when I wake up. Once my kids are awake, I start to cook my food and get my meals sorted for the day.

Today I got in a good 4 meals of chicken and rice, then my dinner was pasta and left-over gammon campfire stew.

The stew was a new meal my wife made last night for dinner. However, there was a fair bit left over and I was going to freeze it.

We decided on a chicken pasta for dinner tonight, but I figured it would be better if we used up the left-over stew with the pasta. What a great idea :D!

I do have them every now and then lol.

Slowly I will start to reduce my carb intake, week by week. Not by huge amounts, but I have noticed in the past the results I get from this type of workouts and dieting.

So What’s up for tomorrow?


Tomorrow I plan to finish working on some new blog posts. I am busy with a post on my Top 5 Bicep Workouts. These are ones I have been doing on and off for years and always deliver results.

There is also a Free eBook I am working on as well. Of course, this will take some time to complete as I want to make sure it is impactful on you.

Have a few meetings with clients as well, so it will be a busy day. Also, day 2 of Beach Body 60 Day Insanity haha.

This will be the ultimate test of Axe and Sledge supplements lol. Normally my body feels the abuse of the first week of my cutting phase.

I have high hopes for my recovery supplements 😀 and am relying on them to keep my body in check the whole time.

But going by what I am feeling right now using them, I have no doubts they won’t deliver as promised.

I am expecting my Axe and Sledge The Grind Whiskey and Cola to arrive in the next day or two…YAY! I have run out of The Grind Unicorn Blood (and like an idiot, didn’t order in advance lol), so that was a “schoolboy” error.

My takeaway for Day 22 Transformation Challenge

I suppose the one thing I can take away from Day 22 Transformation Challenge, is my determination. This whole time, my determination to become a better version of myself has not changed.

Every day I wake up, I want to make a difference. Not just within myself, but within others as well.

This is what is so great about the Challenge Support Group on Facebook. There are so many positive people on there, all trying to make a difference to themselves.

It is very inspiring to read all the stories and watch their progress unfold. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone’s results at the end.

Please leave your comments below if there is anything you want me to add, or if you would like to discuss something.

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