Why You Should Ensure Your Diet Includes Eggplant Nutrition

October 14, 2017 / Nutrition Articles
Why You Should Ensure Your Diet Includes Eggplant Nutrition

Full of vitamins and minerals, with tremendous potential in all forms of eggplant nutrition. But the aubergine has never really been a vegetable that people rush to buy in the UK. Whilst still being popular throughout Europe and of course the Middle East. Well, you are missing out!

With its other family members, such as bell peppers and tomatoes, the eggplant is a member of the nightshade plant family. It grows hanging from vines several feet in height.

The deep purple of the aubergine engages in many health properties. But there is still goodness to be had from other colours such as green, orange and yellow. However, someone will rarely see these in the UK.

Eggplant Nutrition Are:

  • Rich in antioxidants – specifically nasunin found in the skin. It is potent and thrives on swallowing up free radicals, and also protects the lipids (fats) found in the brain cell membranes. The outer lipid coating of these cells protect them, but allow the passage of vital nutrients, or ‘brain fodder’.
  • Low in calories and fats,but rich in soluble fibre, providing up to 9% of RDA (recommended daily allowance).
  • High in fibre, they can be intrinsic in managing weight concerns and recommended for those trying to manage Type 2 diabetes. The phenolic-rich contents may help in controlling glucose absorption and possibly aiding in the reduction of hypertension, or high blood pressure.
  • Nasunin, is not only part of the rich antioxidant content, but along with other phytochemicals could have a positive effect on lowering LDL levels.
  • The deep purple peel or skin contains anthocyanins, and scientific studies show that these have potential in the fight against cancer, ageing, neurological diseases and organ inflammation.
  • Good amounts of B-complex vitamins including thiamine (B1) and niacin(B3) are found. Combined with B5 and B6 found in aubergines provide the external sources for fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • A good source of minerals such as manganese, copper, iron and potassium, the latter of which can counter the hypertension effects of sodium, or salt.
  • Good Vitamin C content – both antibacterial and anti-viral, helpful for keeping everyday cold and viruses at bay.
  • Good water content – keeps skin and body hydrated. Along with other vitamins and minerals, the skin benefits from a clear, soft and supple texture.

Eggplant Nutrition BenefitsAggravated Effects

Just a quick word about possible ‘aggravated’ effects of aubergine, amongst its vast benefits.  Research suggests that there is a link between aggravated arthritic symptoms and the over-consumption of aubergines. Along with their other family members. However, tell that to our sunshine friends in the Mediterranean,  and they will demonstrate differently!

Another weird and wonderful eggplant nutrition fact. Aubergines contain a trace of nicotine. Researchers are now trying to tell us that this can help in the quest to stop smoking! The amount of nicotine is negligible, so don’t hang your hopes on this line of study! Find out more 10 healthy reasons to eat more eggplant.

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