Around The Worlds

Exercise / Obliques

How to perform Around The Worlds

The most important thing to remember with around the worlds is to keep your hips and legs straight. When you rotate your arms, you don’t want to move your lower back.

The start position will be arms stretched out in front of you holding the ball, plate or dumbbell. From this position you will move either left or right, and move the plate around your head. You will keep rotating around in one for direction for a certain amount of reps. While you are passing one side of your body, you will crunch your oblique muscles with the movement. This is simply a downwards and upwards movement.

After which you will reverse your direction for the same amounts of reps as before.

What not to do!

  • Move your lower back when you are rotating
  • Twist your torso with the movement

This is a great exercise for your obliques and core. A good idea is to make sure your rotator cuffs are loose, before performing the exercise. As this is an exercise that goes behind your head, it is important to make sure your cuffs and shoulders are loose for the movement.

CAUTION: Do not use a very heavy weight. Use one that you can manage.

Around The World Tips

  • Keep your lower body and torso tight
  • Squeeze your obliques when you pass on either side
  • Remember to breath throughout your sets
  • If you feel too much strain on your lower back then stop
  • Don’t bump your head

Variations Of The Exercise

  1. Using Dumbbells: You can use dummbbells for this exercise, but your grip will only on one side of the dumbbell. You won’t grip it like a normal dumbbell. The dumbbell will be hanging as you pass it around your head.
  2. Using A Medicine Ball: This exercise can also be done using a medicine ball. The grip will be the same as the plate.