C Sit

Exercise / Abs

How to perform the C Sit

As the same says C Sit, you will sitting in a C-shape position. You will start off lying on your back, with your legs together and straight out in front of you. From this position, you will raise your torso up to about 45 degrees off the floor. Once in this position, you will raise your legs to the same height as your torso, lift your arms up and hold.

The holding position is the position you want to remain, for the time allocated for the exercise.

What not to do!

  • Hold your head with your hands
  • Round your neck

This exercise is quite stressful on your core, so if you are new to it, then you can bend your knees, instead of having your legs straight out. You could also put your hands on the floor for stability. Although you don’t want to become reliant on your hands.

CAUTION: Do not round your head, or support your head with your hands

Exercise Tips

  • Keep your head straight
  • Point your toes forward for extra tension
  • Use padding if uncomfortable on your back side
  • Use your hands for support if necessary
  • Remember to keep your core engaged

Variations Of The C Sit

  1. Exercise Ball: Use an exercise ball and grip it between your legs. You will add a little more tension on your obliques this way.
  2. Scissors: From the C Sit position, you will lie back down and at the same time lower your legs. Once you are almost flat on the floor, you will crunch back into the same position. Make sure you don’t lie flat on the floor as you will loose tension on your core.

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