Standing Calf Raises

Exercise / Calves

How to perform Calf Raises

For performing calf raises, you want to position your feet about shoulder width apart. Your midfoot should be resting on the step. The start position will be in the down position. You will get to this position by lowering your body down. This will stretch the gastrocnemius and soleus muscle (calf muscle). Once in this position, you will use your calf muscles to raise yourself up.

When you are standing on your toes, flex your calves for a second. Then lower back down to the start position. Repeat the process. Try not to stand with only your toes on the step. This places too much pressure on the toes, front of the foot and also the tibialis anterior muscle.

What Not To Do With Calf Raises

  • Drop yourself down too quickly
  • Stand up on your toes

Remember that you want to be lifting yourself up with your calf muscles. Slow the rep speed down when you are repping out and feel the calf muscle elongate and contract as you do.

CAUTION: Don’t over exert yourself when you are repping out. If you are new to training your muscles, start slow, with a weight you can manage.

Calf Raises Tips

  • Remember to contract the muscles at the end of the rep
  • Remember to elongate the muscles at the start of the rep
  • Use your calf muscles to do the lifting and lowering
  • Do not use your shoulders or arms to lift the weight.

Variations Of Calf Raises

  1. Heels Outwards: For this one, you want to put your feet together about 4 inches apart. Then turn your heels outwards about 45 degrees. With this variation there is more emphasis on the fibularis longus.
  2. Heels Inwards: This variation, you want your feet about shoulder width apart, but you want to turn your heels inwards, so they almost touch. This variation places more emphasis on the flexor digitorum longus.