Flat Bar Cable Curls

Exercise / Biceps

How To Perform Flat Bar Cable Curls

Let us take a closer look at the correct way to perform flat bar cable curls. This bicep exercise is great isolating those stubborn bicep parts, but only if done correctly.

Set the desired weight on the cables and attach the flat bar to the low pulley. Your stance should be roughly shoulder width apart (or whatever stance gives you the most stability) and you torso upright. Grab the bar with an underhand grip and stand up (don’t round your back when pulling the weight upwards).

Your upper arms (elbows) should be tight up against your torso, with your arms hanging down. This is your start position.

From this position, curl the bar upwards using your biceps only (do not be tempted to use your forearms and front delts). Your upper arms should remain at your side throughout the curl. Once you reach the top, squeeze your biceps and hold that squeeze for a second. Lower the weight in a controlled manner back to the start position.

Perform as many of the desired reps as required.

What Not To Do:

  • Rock backwards and forwards to gain momentum during the set
  • Flare your upper arms outwards

Focus on contracting your biceps at the top and fully elongating them at the bottom. Flex your biceps from the start position (imagine you are flexing your biceps for a pose), this will help you to use only your bicep and not be tempted to use any other muscle.

CAUTION: Do not drop the weight down too quickly. You run the risk of joint injury and muscle tear

Tips For Cable Curls

  • Exhale on the way down
  • Inhale on the way up
  • Keep focusing on using your biceps to do the work
  • Remember to fully elongate and contract your biceps throughout the exercise
  • Contract your biceps and hold at the top
  • Remember why you are doing this exercise

Exercise Variations

  1. Variation 1: EZ Bar Curls: This exercise variation is the same technique as above, except you will be using an EZ bar attachment. This variation is great for targeting the outer bicep head.
  2. Variation 2: Singe Arm Cable Curls: For this variation you will be using a handle attachment. The technique remains the same for this variation, however you will be curling one arm at a time.