Front Plank

Exercise / Abs

Performing The Front Plank Correctly

A core busting exercise if done correctly. Let us take a close look at the correct way to perform the front plank exercise for maximum results and core development.

The way to start the front plank exercise is to lie flat on your stomach (prone position). You can lie on the floor of if you so choose, an exercise mat. Tuck your elbows next to the side of your torso, with your elbows under your shoulders.

Your palms should be flat on the floor with your fingers pointing forwards and forearms flat on the floor. Now comes the raising upwards movement.

From the flat position, engage your core and get ready to lift. Lift yourself up by flexing your quadriceps and tightening your shins. Basically try and pull your toes inwards and up your shins. With your core engaged and quadriceps flexed, tighten your torso so it is rigid in a straight line

Lift your torso up in one movement. Do not round your back or dip your hips. The whole movement should be one from the floor upwards. You will only be able to extend as far as your upper arms will allow you to once they are perpendicular to the floor.

Once you are in this straight position (body off the floor) your timing will start. Hold this position for as long as your workout

What not to do:

  • Put your knees on the floor
  • Round your back or sag at the waist

Once you have grasped the correct technique for performing front planks, it is time to try some placement variations for this exercise. Take a look below at the different variations you can use for this core developing exercise.

CAUTION: Do not shrug your shoulders and make sure that your shoulders are directly over your elbows

Tips For The Front Plank

  • Focus on breathing throughout the exercise
  • Pay attention to the parts of the body that are supposed to be under tension
  • If you feel you are dipping or rounding your back, then engage your core and go back to the proper position
  • If you feel you can no longer maintain the correct form, then stop the exercise

Variations For The Front Plank Exercise

  1. Variation 1: Single Arm Plank: For this variation you will follow the same technique as above, except once you reach the start position (body rigid and off the floor), you will raise one arm out in front of your face. This adds more tension to your the opposite oblique and core muscles.
  2. Variation 2: Single Leg Plank: Again this variation is the same technique as the conventional front plank exercise, but once you reach your start position, you will raise one leg off the floor and extend it in a straight line behind you.