Front Squats

Exercise / Quadriceps

How to perform Front Squats

Front Squats are not as easy as conventional squats. The grip for this exercise, is as the name says, in front. This position, especially for those not used to it, is quite uncomfortable. But let’s get down to the correct form.

The way the exercise is performed is by placing a barbell across the front of the upper torso. The barbell will come to rest on the upper chest and front deltoid muscles. For those with developed muscles, it is easier flex the muscles and rest the bar on top of them. For those with relatively underdeveloped muscles, simply place the bar in this area.

Your grip will vary, as many athletes grip the bar differently. See blow the variations for gripping the bar.

Once you have the bar in position, you will bend your legs (as you would with normal squats) and squat down to the ground. You want to go down as far as you can, with your glutes as far down to the ground as possible. Remember to keep your back as straight as possible. Keep your head up and focus on a spot on the wall to ensure your stability.

Once you have reached the bottom, flex your glutes and fire yourself upwards. Remember that you knees should always be behind your toes when you are going down. If they are in front, it means you are front heavy and the strain moves from your quads to your knees.

What Not To Do With Front Squats:

  • Bend forward so that your knees are in front of your toes
  • Stop halfway

When it comes to squatting, you want to eliminate the pressure on your knees. Go all the way down to the ground. Your glutes will act as a shock absorber and take the strain on the way down.

CAUTION: Don’t lean forward during the exercise. Ensure your back is as straight as possible and your drive is done with your glutes and quads and NOT your knees.

Front Squat Tips

  • Find a spot on the wall to focus on
  • Keep your back as straight as possible
  • Use your glutes and quads to drive the exercise
  • Don’t lean forwards
  • Keep your knees behind your toes
  • Do not look side to side
  • Do not arch your back
  • One the drive upwards, power from your heels

Front Squat Grip Variations

  1. Variation 1: Start the exercise by taking the bar from the squat rack. Place the bar across your upper chest and across your front deltoids. Place your hands shoulder width apart with an underhand grip. From this position, take the strain with both your hands and upper chest. Some people tend to only use their middle and index finger to hold the bar across their chest.
  2. Variation 2: Rest the bar completely across your upper chest. Then cross your arms over each other with your right hand resting on your left front deltoid and vice versa. This is more suitable for those with more developed muscles as the weight of the bar will become very heavy and uncomfortable on bone (felt by those with less muscle density).