Seated Rear Dumbbell Flyze

Exercise / Shoulders

How to perform Seated Rear Dumbbell Flyze

For performing seated rear dumbbell Flyze, you will be sitting on the end of a bench or seat. Your start position will be from the bottom. Sit with your back side on the end of the bench. Grip two dumbbells with an overhand grip and bend down. Bend your elbows slightly outwards and bring your dumbbells together under your knees.

From this position you will stroke outwards, using your rear deltoids as the muscles starting the lift. As your arms lift up more, squeeze your lower traps and rhomboids together until your arms can lift up no more.

Hold this position for a second, then lower your arms back down to the start position under your knees.

What Not To Do!

  • Bounce your torso for momentum
  • Use your biceps to do the lift

You can lift your torso up slightly on the upwards range of motion, but not straight up. This adds a little more work to your middle back and lower traps. Be aware of how quickly you lower yourself back to the start position. This can place unnecessary strain on your lower back.

CAUTION: Don’t use too heavy a weight. This will cause you to sacrifice form for the lift.

Exercise Tips

  • Keep your core tensed during the lift
  • Use your rear deltoids and the first muscle to start working
  • Avoid using your biceps for lifting
  • Don’t be tempted to shrug
  • Remember to squeeze your lower traps together at the top

Variations Of Seated Rear Dumbbell Flyze

  1. Variation 1: Do the same Range Of Motion, but at the top, turn your outer hands forwards. This adds a little more tension to the rear deltoids as you squeeze at the top.
  2. Variation 2: Twist your inner hands backwards at the top. This will add a little more tension to your traps while you are squeezing.