Skull Crushers

Exercise / Triceps

How to perform Skull Crushers

The correct way to perform skull crushers is the following. Your start position will be with your arms extended above your head. Your grip will be an underhand one (where your fingers go underneath the bar. You will be using the EZ bar. Grip the inner sections of the bar, so that your outer hands are facing outwards.

From the extended position, lower your hands towards your forehead (of if you are used to training, behind your head), then back to your start position. Use your triceps to do the work and avoid using your front deltoid.

What Not To Do With Skull Crushers!

  • Drop the bar to fast
  • Lock your elbows at the top

Skull crushers is an exercise almost exclusively for the triceps if done correctly. However, it is called skull crushers for a reason if you drop the weight. Your forehead will take the impact. So be careful of your speed and control. If you are experienced with this exercise, then take a look at the different variations below.

CAUTION: Get a spotter for your last set. Skull crushers are a risky exercise, so if you feel there’s a chance you can fail, get someone to help.

Skull Crusher Tips

  • Remember not to hyper-extend your elbows at the top
  • Get a spotter if you feel you will fail
  • Do the lift with your triceps and avoid using a dominant muscle
  • Form is king. If you feel your form is going. Stop the rep
  • Once you understand the exercise, try different variations

Variations Of Skull Crushers

  1. Variation 1: Keep your elbows parallel to each other. This is good for placing more emphasis on the long head muscle.
  2. Variation 2: Flare your elbows out to about 30 degrees. This is good for placing more emphasis on the lateral head muscle.