Standing Military Press

Exercise / Shoulders

How to perform the exercise

For the standing military press exercise, you will be pushing the barbell directly upwards past you face. Your grip will an over hand one. This is where your fingers go over the bar with the thumb underneath.

The ideal way to place your hands, should be a shoulder width apart. With your hands in this position, there is more emphasis on the deltoid muscle and the clavicular head of the pectoralis major muscle. If your grip is wider, you will feel more strain on your deltoid, as well as your tricep. With this position, you will also compromise form, as your arms are positioned in a more uncomfortable way, so the rep range will feel unnatural.

What Not To Do With Standing Military Press!

  • Arch your back. By doing this you will put to much strain on your torso, placing too my force on your lower back.
  • Watch your pickup. If you feel you can press the weight comfortably, but might have a problem getting the weight to the start position, change your resting position. Use the squat rack, so that you can rest the barbell at the end position of your rep. This way you can start from the top and lower down.

With it being a standing exercise, the strain will be at your base, which is your legs. Your core is also worked in the standing military press, as you need to keep yourself balanced during your reps. Do not overload. If you feel you need more weight, then change to the seated military barbell press. Get a spotter for your last sets. Their role will be to place their hands on your lats, and keep your torso straight as you rep out. This will help you to not arch your back.

CAUTION: Do not overload your barbell in the standing position. If you need more weight ,then change to the seated military press position.

Military Press Tips

  • Don’t arch your back
  • Get a spotter at the end to keep your straight
  • Make sure you go all the way down with your rep
  • Press with your shoulders and not your triceps
  • Use a squat rack as a resting position

Variations Of The Standing Military Press

  1. Variation 1: You can do this with behind the head smith machine military press. This is the same principle, but done behind your head.
  2. Variation 2: The seated military press. Exactly the same, but done from a seated position.