Fad Diets Explained And The Reason They Don’t Work

October 14, 2017
Fad Diets Explained And The Reason They Don’t Work

Let’s talk about fad diets and what they really are. It seems that every week of the year a new diet appears on the scene, promising the earth for following a remarkable simple dietary plan. But it doesn’t always work out this way!

What is a Fad Diet?

Define a ‘fad diet’ – fad diets are usually whacky plans that are not based on scientific study, and generally cause some kind of deprivation or another, or a plan of eating the same thing for a continuous period of time, thereby causing an incredible amount of boredom, and which you will never stick to.

A fad diet would tend to make the participant make a drastic reduction in calorie intake, thereby losing weight quickly, but sometimes dangerously, as generally they are created for a ‘quick fix’ with no real balance to the intake of nutrients.

Types of Fad Diets

Where do we start – fad diets are not new – people desperate in search of a fast weight loss plan have gone to the most incredible lengths in the hope of achieving, quite frankly, a miracle. The history of the fad diet goes back a long time, and in fact, some of the most incredible suggestions are from many years ago, and not all recent.

We have had the cigarette diet, the vinegar diet, the tapeworm diet (doesn’t bear thinking about) the Prolinn diet (ground animal horns!) and so it goes on. All based on non-scientific or nutritional facts.

Fad Diet Examples (current)

Nowadays, perhaps the diets aren’t so ‘incredible’. The Cabbage Diet was at least based on fact, not fiction, and has produced results.  Dieting fads have tended to become more feasible (mostly) but all fad diets will normally have an element of danger or untold problems beneath the surface.

Pros and Cons of Fad Diets

Without naming specific diets in this section, the list of pros is inevitably shorter than the list of cons.

The ‘pros’ will include such things as rapid weight loss, detoxification of the system and a short term (probably about 48 hours) feeling of well being as your body eliminates poisons. However, that is about it for the pros.

The ‘cons’ list is endless. Deprivation, starvation, unbalanced system, vomiting, diarrhoea, fatigue, debilitation – shall we go on?

Fad diet facts are clearly visible – fast weight loss, useful only for a period of time, and most, not good for the body. Overall, as well, they are or can be incredibly boring, and cause nasty side effects. Not many people are prepared for this.

We have told you the problems with fad diets, and there are many. Dieting fads, created by somebody (in general) who wants to make a quick buck, or a name for themselves are in the majority. However, there are a few that stay the test of time, and are at least ‘reasonable’ in their expectations.

Popular fad diets include:

  • The Grapefruit Diet
  • The Cabbage Soup Diet
  • The Master Cleanse

These diets have all achieved a reasonably healthy report and have some element of nutritional reasoning to them. They do work, but again, there will always be pitfalls.The dangers of fad diets without being specific, are pretty obvious in that they will always cause a huge jolt to the system, and are certainly not applicable to most people. Generally used by the more obese people, they can cause major problems to the bodys’ vital organs, so beware.

New Diet Fads

This could be a really long section. A lot of the ‘new’ diet fads are really just regurgitated old ones, with a twist. We have:

  • Paleo Diet (follows ‘caveman’ instincts) but not too bad a plan
  • 5:2 Diet – intermittent fasting – again, not unrealistic
  • Raw Food Diet – again, not new, fairly realistic, other than the boredom factor
  • Green Smoothie Diet – purports to be healthy, but has side effects, and again reasonably boring, difficult to adhere to.
  • Egg and Wine Diet – just what is says on the tin! This is a rejuvenated version, a diet fad created back in the 70’s.

And lastly, but not leastly, The Werewolf Diet….. gauged towards juice cleansing at certain times of the lunar month….try this one if you are prepared to start howling at midnight.

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