Why The Importance Of Nutrition Is Vital To Your Health

October 14, 2017 / Nutrition Articles
Why The Importance Of Nutrition Is Vital To Your Health

The importance of nutrition is vital t to living a long and healthy life. It doesn’t matter whether you are the man (or woman) on the street, or an aspiring athlete. Nutrition affects your health and your body today and tomorrow, is not a short term quick fix and in all honesty, a relatively easy thing to maintain.

The foods we consume make up our daily diet and a balanced diet is the cornerstone and foundation of our health.

Your diet is your body’s only source for raw materials that it needs in order to perform correctly.

For The Importance of Nutrition – food has to pass through the following 6 stages:

  • Diet – eat healthily
  • Digestion – from chewing to churning
  • Absorption – passage or nutrients from the stomach into the bloodstream
  • Circulation – distribution of nutrients from the blood to the cells
  • Assimilation – nutrient incorporation into cells
  • Elimination – removal of waste produced by cells

These 6 factors MUST be completed successfully in order for food to provide our bodies with the essential nutrition for a healthy lifestyle – EATING WELL IS NOT THE ONLY ANSWER.

Understanding NutritionCellular Nutrition is the foundation of our health – think of youself as as building that needs to stand the test of time. By assembling the best building blocks and materials to withstand any ‘storm’, your body will last for many years. Cells are the solid base of your body with literally trillions of them acting on your behalf, but they do need assistance in order to perform. Plenty of cells have specific requirements, but all cells need feeding with the right nutrients. Clean air and water are predominantly the most essential aid to healthy cells.

Billions of cells are created, destroyed and replaced every day – your body is a beehive of cellular activity every minute of the day. The body’s nutrient supply, provided by foods and supplements, must exceed demand – otherwise deficiency occurs. Sub-standard nutrition can predispose the population to early ageing and degenerative diseases.

Optimal Nutrition includes:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipids and sterols
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Phytonutrients (lesser known than macronutrients)
  • Minerals
  • Enzymes

A kaleidoscope of food choices can provide you with the necessary balance of nutrients. Good whole foods, vegetables, fruit and lean meats will provide the nutritional diversity to lay down your foundation and maintain it.

The benefits of a nutrionally balanced diet should start at an early age, as soon as children are able to consume ‘proper’ foods and after their baby stages. Damage and bad practice in nutrition starts very early in life – frighteningly, by the early 20’s, people are not as healthy as they should be, as they have failed to provide their bodies with the correct nutrients.

Regardless of age, the balance of nutrition and exercise are a marriage made in heaven, and goes a long way to achieving vitality and longevity. Health continues to decline throughout the world and it is obvious in countries deprived of essential nutrients that certain diseases are prevalent.

Our bodies need feeding correctly – but do not be confused by diet and nutrition. A DIET IS WHAT WE EAT, BUT NUTRITION IS WHAT OUR BODIES ACTUALLY RECEIVE.

The Importance Of Nutrition


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