Ultimate Guide – Insanity Workouts

Why I Love Insanity Workouts

I love insanity workouts purely because they work! They are insanely powerful and certainly shred unwanted fat. However, it is not for everyone and I will explain it all in this post.

In my opinion, the title Insanity Workouts is exactly that! The workouts are absolutely insane. You are doing these HIIT workouts for around 40 minutes at a time.

The rest times are 30 seconds and believe me, there are times when they are just not enough lol 😀

If you are new to HIIT training, then this is going to push you harder than you have ever been pushed before.

However, as much as this is my absolute go-to HIIT workout, I cannot stress enough that it isn’t for everyone.

There are two workouts and they are Insanity Workout (affiliate link) and Insanity Max30. This article focuses on the first of the Insanity Workouts.

What Are Insanity Workouts?

The insanity workout is a 2 month HIIT workout program and the first one of theirs that I did.

The workouts are around 40 minutes long with breaktimes during each intensity set.

You start off with what they call a warm up round. To be honest, I don’t know how they figure that as it is a workout on it’s own haha.

After your warm up session, there is a 30 second break before you go into around 5 minutes of stretches. Believe me that 30 second rest is just not enough 🙂

Once your warm up is done, you go into your circuit training. This is where you will be tested. Each round increases it’s speed and intensity.

I can drop easily between 100 and 250kcals during a workout session.

There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of plyometric exercises (hence why it is not for everyone). This is where you need to be careful


How Are The Insanity Workouts Broken Down?

The workouts that you do for the 60 days are broken down into 6 days a week. Your 7th day as it were is your rest day.

There are 2 sets of 4 week workouts and what is called a “recovery week” in between.

Your first month is a mixture of cardio, resistance and plyometric training. There are 6 different types of workouts in month 1.

Your recovery week focuses on Core Cardio & Balance. This will be done everyday for 6 days.

How long are insanity workouts?

Insanity workouts length differ from one another. There are 13 workouts if you have the deluxe version, otherwise there are 11.

Below is an insanity workouts list which includes the times for each one: Please note that these are the total times, including warmup, stretches, workout and cool down stretches.

  • Fit Test25mins
  • Plyometric Cardio Circuit42mins
  • Cardio Power and resistance39mins
  • Cardio Recovery33mins
  • Pure Cardio38mins
  • Cardio Abs17mins
  • Cardio Core and Balance32mins
  • Max Interval Plyo55mins
  • Max Cardio Conditioning45mins
  • Max Recovery47mins
  • Max Interval Circuit60mins
  • Insane Abs33mins
  • Max Interval Sports Training54mins

Can you do insanity workouts at home?

Absolutely you can! But you do need a little space for some of the movements and exercises.

Not all of them require a lot of space, but exercises such as 123-123, Heisman, Globe Jumps and drills need some space to move.

I do it alone at home, as my wife can’t do the movements due to problems with her pelvis.

If you have a partner to do it with you it is great fun. Especially when you get to motivate each other to keep going.

A good idea is to also make sure you have a solid surface to train off. Carpet works well I find. I used to train on a carpet, but we have since put down flooring.

The flooring also works very well, but if you are like me and get a good sweat going. You may find yourself slipping around a lot lol.


Space You Will Need For The Workouts

You don’t need a sports hall, nor a football field, but you do need some space. There are some of the exercises such as globe jumps and Level 1 & 2 drills, that you need a bit of space around you.

I have done this workout in a very small room in a B&B whilst away on work lol. Had to keep moving myself around the room to do it, but it worked.

My personal recommendation is that you get a good 2m square around you (this also depends on how tall you are). I train in my living room, so I have ample space.

You will sweat during these insanity workouts, so a place that has some good ventilation will be a good idea.

How to follow insanity workout?

The workouts are individual and are led by Shaun T.

He is great to watch and really does motivate you to keep going. It is enjoyable to train with him and he is also really good at motivating the other participants on the DVD with him.

When you get the workout program, you will be given an insanity workout calendar pdf.

This calendar will have all your workouts listed by each week, across both months and recovery week.

The insanity workouts explained at the beginning of the workout, will show you what you are going to be doing.

Each exercise is very briefly explained and shown by Shaun T. You need to be quick with this, because normally he explains it during your water break.

If you are like me, you will be trying to find a defibrillator, rather than watch the next exercise lol.

Do Insanity workouts work?

Yes they do work! But let me be clear on this (you can read my warning below), it is not for everyone. There are some of you that should not partake in this insanity workout. There is a lot of plyometric movements.

This workout does not have modifier movements, unlike Insanity Max 30.

In Max 30, there is someone that will show you a modified version of the plyometric exercise. This is extremely handy.

If you follow the insanity workout guide, you will be ok. They have structured all the workouts for maximum effectiveness. Including the breaks each muscle needs every day. Although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it haha.

Month 1 Workouts

Get Ready For Some Serious Plyometric and Core Workouts!

Month 1 consists of the following six workouts. These are scattered across each week. Your fitness test is done on Day 1 and Day 15.

It is a good idea to do the fitness test. It helps gauge your progress accurately.

I have listed the workouts below in order of their start position. The first five workouts are repeated throughout the month, but you will do each one in the first week.

In week 2, you will end the week with Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

No 1 - Fit Test

Something to get you started.

Total Time: 25 mins

This is exactly what it says. It will test your level of fitness before you start.

It is a very good starting point as it will let you know what you are about to get yourself involved in lol.

Bear in mind, I still do heavy weight lifting in my morning workout.

So I am already close to muscle fatigue when I do my insanity workout for the day.


This workout gives you an idea of the types of exercises you can expect and the intensity at which you will perform them.

I already know the exercises, so that is why I tend to skip this workout and replace it with another.

You can expect exercises such as;

Jumping Jacks, Butt kicks, Heismans, 123 -123, Mummy kicks, Switch Kicks, Spot Jogging, Power Jacks, Power Knees, Power Jumps, Globe Jumps, Suicide Jumps, Push Up Jacks, In and Out Abs, Jabs, Low Plank Oblique.

No 2- Plyometric Cardio Circuit

This one will get you going right away!

Total Time: 42 mins

Right off the bat, you will go into a brutal workout.

This one really is intense and it gives you an idea of what you can expect throughout this insanity workout.

Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit is designed to get you working from the start. It important to keep your form throughout the exercises.

Shaun T does a good job of keeping you in check.


You can expect to do exercises such as; 

Jumping Jacks, Butt kicks, Heismans, Mummy kicks, Spot Jogging, Power squats, Ski jumps, Mountain Climbers, Basketball Jumps, Level 1 drills, Ski Abs, In and Out Abs, Jabs, Cross Jacks and Attack Punches.

Believe me, this is an insane workout. If your fitness level is anything below average, you are going to cry.

I’m not a marathon runner, but my fitness is at a decent level. This one hurts lol. But I love it!

No 3- Cardio Power & Resistance

The pain makes it all worth while!

Total Time: 39 mins

Cardio Power & Resistance is a hard workout to do the day after Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Both of these workouts will get your heart rate into the higher range.

This is one of the challenging insanity workouts, as you will constantly be moving.

There are rest times of course, but you will feel like they take decades to come round and they last only a nanosecond.


Again, if you are still working your fitness level up to a decent rate, you will feel this.

I feel I have to work really hard during this workout, and it is one of my favourite ones. If I am honest, I am not too partial to Cardio Recovery 🙂 it really hurts haha.

You can expect to do exercises such as;

Jumping Jacks, Log Jumps, 123 – 123, Vertical Jumps, Butt kicks, Heismans, Hit The Floor, Spot Jogging, V Push Ups, Power Jumps, Belt Kicks, Tricep Dips, One Legged Tricep Dips, Tricep Ball Push Ups, Hurdle Jumps, Globe Jumps, Moving Push Ups, Floor Sprints and 8 Hop Squats/8 Push Ups.

This is a difficult workout, I am not going to lie. But you feel amazing afterwards.

No 4 - Cardio Recovery

It is not what you think!

Total Time: 33 mins

This workout day is actually harder than it reads haha. At face value you would think it is a recovery day, when in fact it is serious deep muscle workout.

There are a lot of long stretches and balance holding exercises. One thing you will feel are your quadriceps and hamstrings working.

Exercises such as squats and lunches are done throughout the 30 minute workout.


There is a lot of focus on strengthening your core and legs. It is not a fast or intense workout. But you will feel it.

You can expect to do exercises such as;

Plank Work, Squats, Squat Hold & Pulses, Lunges, Lunge Hold & Pulses, Quad Strengthens, Oblique Work, Downward Dog,

No 5 - Pure Cardio

An insane 20mins of non stop cardio!

Total Time: 38 mins

For me this particular workout is one of the hardest. It is absolutely designed to maximize on your fitness level and endurance.

There is no easy way to say put it, other than you will shred fat with this one.

You really need to focus on your mind when you are doing this one.

It is non-stop and really gets the heart going.


After your warm up session (which is a workout on its own haha), you go into stretches for about 3 minutes.

Once your stretches are complete, you go into 20 minutes of high intensity cardio. Non Stop!

I always have to check myself on this workout as it requires a lot of energy.

You can expect to do exercises such as;

Spot Jogging, Jumping Jacks, Heisman, 123-123, Butt Kicks, High Knees, Mummy Kicks, Suicide Drills, Switch Kicks, Wide Football Sprints, Stance Jacks, Pedal, Hooks and Jump Rope, Power Jacks, Level 2 Drills, Frog Jumps, Power, Ski Down,  Scissor Runs, Suicide Jumps and Push Up Jacks.

No 6 - Cardio Abs

There is maximum contractions on your Abs. You will feel it!

Total Time: 17 mins

This is a brutal ab workout that focuses maximum contractions on your core. Believe it or not, there are no crunches or sit ups in this workout at all.

You would think how else are you going to work your abs right? Well I tell you, they are going to burn.

The entire workout, your abs do not rest. They are constantly engaged and under fire.


You can expect to do exercises such as;

Spot Jogging, High Knees, High Knees With Twist, Jump Rope (without rope), Tuck Jumps, Wide Tuck Jumps, C Sit, C Sit With Twist, C Sit With Twist & Knees, A-Frame Twists, A-Frame With Knees, Single Leg Raises, High Plank Alternating Knees, Low Plank Alternating Knees and Front Plank Pulse Tucks Low & High,

Recovery Week

Get Ready For Some Serious Plyometric and Core Workouts!

For the recovery week, you do a workout called Core Cardio & Balance. As it says, the focus of these workouts are conditioning your core and working on developing your balance.

The intervals are slightly different than the other workouts, but they are core busting workouts at its best.

Cardio Core & Balance

Maximum focus on stabilizing your core.

Total Time: 37 mins

I find the hard part about these workouts, is working on your balance. Your core is so tired, that finding your balance is the hardest.

But it makes for a change, as you know that every day (for six out of seven anyway) you are going to do the same workout.

This gives you the opportunity to try and beat the next day. Well, that’s the way I look at it 😀


You can expect to do exercises such as;

Switch Heel Kicks, Mummy Kicks, Football Shuffles, Over The Log, 8 High Knees, 8 Power Jacks, 8 Fast Feet & 8 Hooks, Moving Ski Jumps, Hit The Floor, Level 1 Drills, Heisman, 8 Switch Kicks & * Hop Squats, High Jumps, Moving Plank Walk, 8 Elbows & 4 Suicide Drills, 4 & 4 Hops, Jab Switch Jump Squats, Hip Flexor Burners, Oblique Knee Lifts and Shoulder Burners in Plie.

Month 2 Workouts

This month is about maxing out on every workout!

In month 2, things step it up a bit. You fitness level should by now have increased significantly.

You will need this fitness to get yourself through this month.

Month 2 includes workouts from Month 1 such as; Fit Test, Cardio Abs and Core Cardio & Balance.

However, there are four additional workouts that you will do as well in Month 2.

Let us take a look below at the additional workouts that you are going to get put through.

Max Interval Plyo

You are going to need to stay strong during this workout.

Total Time: 55 mins

They have pulled out all the stops with this insanity workout. It is brutal to say the least.

I still struggle with completing this one without taking extra breaks. But I love it!

It starts off with a strong warm up round. Expect to burn 100 calories in 5mins lol.

After your warmup and stretches, you go into the workout.


There are some insane moves, like Side Pushups, Power Knees and Diamond Jumps, Pogo Right and Left, Kickstand Touch The Floors and Power Push Ups.

If you do not have much upper body strength you will struggle. But Month 1 does get your body ready for these workouts. So don’t worry 😀

You can expect to do exercises such as;

Jogging, Jumping Jacks Arms Up, 123-123, Jump Rope SS, High Knees Arms Out, Switch Kicks, Hit The Floor, SS Floor Hops, Switch Jumps, Squat Push Ups, Wide In And Out Abs, Power Jumps, One Legged V Push Ups, Pogo Right, Power Push Ups, Globe Twists, Level 3 Drills, Power Lunges & Hop Squats, Side Push Ups, Kickstand Touch The Floor, 8 Power Knees & 4 Diamond Jumps, Balance Push Ups,

Max Cardio Conditioning

This workout is no joke!

Total Time: 45 mins

This is going to be the longest 45mins of your life. It is not stop the whole way.

Expect to burn a serious amount of calories. This is also one of the insanity workouts that I struggle to complete without extra breaks.

I give it a very good run and normally do very well in the beginning, but near the end I struggle. Mainly due to muscle fatigue lol more than anything else.


But it is a really great workout. There is a lot of energy required and your fitness will be tested.

You can expect to do exercises such as;

Jog, Jump Rope SS, Switch Kicks, Hit The Floor, SS Floor Hops, Sprints, Heisman, 123-123, High Knees, High Low Jab With Squat, Football Runs, Basket Ball Shots With Squats,  Right and Left Kicks, Diamond Jumps, In and Out Push Up Jacks, Suicide Jumps, High Knee Low Floor Sprints, Ski Abs, Kick Step Back, Squat Twists, Over The River Hops, Attack, Power Knees, Ski Down Hooks, Belt Kicks, Forward Back Suicides, Push Up Abs, Plank Punches, 8 Jump Ropes with 8 Hop Squats, Squat Speed Bag,

Max Recovery

This workout isn't as face paced, but don't think it is easy!

Total Time: 47 mins

The Max Recovery workout might sound like you will be recovering, but believe me you will still be working real hard.

You start off with a lot of stretches and long position holds.

While you might not be doing high intensity movements during this workout, your body is always under tension and your core is being worked.


This is an important part as your body does need to rest from explosive movements.

You can expect to do exercises such as;

Plank Holds, Slow Push Ups, Lunges and Pulses, Side Planks and Holds, Low Planks and Obliques, Plie Pulses, Elbow Planks to Plank, Slow Power Knees and Single Leg Core Work.

Max Interval Circuit

It took 2 days to get over this one haha!

Total Time: 60 mins

Max Interval Circuit workout is absolutely insane. Even the participants in the workout video struggle with it.

I have never worked so hard in a workout before. The first time I did this workout, I only lasted half way. It wasn’t for lack of quitting, I just physically couldn’t do anymore.

The next day was worse, as my body was so sore from this.


I wasn’t using Axe and Sledge Supplements at the time haha.

If I was, I surely would of been able to finish it, or at least recovered much quicker.

Trust me! You will feel this workout from the start, right up until the end. Good Luck!

You can expect to do exercises such as;

Jogging, Jumping Jacks Arms Up, 123-123, Jump Rope SS, High Knees Arms Out, Switch Kicks, Hit The Floor, SS Floor Hops, Pedal/Power Lunges, Ski Abs/Jacks/In & Outs/Obliques, Power Strike, Frog Jumps, Football Runs/Cross Jacks, Hook Jumps, High Knees W/Twist, High/Low Jack w Squat, Floor Switch Kicks, Side Suicide Jumps, Squat Hooks, Full Body Drill, Plank Punches,

Deluxe Package Tip!

One thing to note with these insanity workouts, is that you have the option of purchasing the insanity workout deluxe package.

Should you choose to purchase this one, then you can replace Cardio Abs with Insane Abs and also replace Core Cardio & Balance with Max Interval Sports Training.

Below I have listed the information about Insane Abs and Max Interval Sports Training workouts.

Insane Abs

It is exactly how the title describes it!

Total Time: 33 mins

Well, I am not going to bother explaining the title other than this is absolutely ridiculous lol.

It felt like my stomach was attached to a rack and pulled apart haha 😀

But I tell you what, it is extremely effective. If you are looking to get that flat and totally ripped stomach, then this will most definitely put you on the right path.


You can expect to do exercises such as;

Jogging, High Knees, High Knees w Twist, Tuck Jumps, Power Jumps, T Kicks, C Sit, C Sit w Scissors, Knees In & Out, C Sit w Flutter Kicks, Power Abs Hands Down, Power Abs No Hands, Over The Mountain, Core Adduction Hands Down, Core Adduction No Hands, Bicycle Runs Hands Down, Bicycle Runs No Hands, Low Plank Hops, Alternating Balance Holds, Alternating Knee To Elbow, Oblique Rotation and Plank Walker.

Max Interval Sports Training

This is seriously a hard going workout!

Total Time: 54 mins

This workout can be substituted for Core Cardio and Balance if you are using the deluxe version.

However, this workout is very tough. I substituted it once, but really struggled with it.

It is difficult for me to give a proper assessment of it completely, as I do bodybuilding workout routines in the morning.

This often has my muscles fatigued by the time I am supposed to do one of the insanity workouts.


But nevertheless, this workout will really get your heart rate up. It is worth a shot if you have the deluxe package.

You can expect to do exercises such as;

Jump Rope, Switch Heels, Switch Heels Higher, Jump Rope SS, Cross Jacks, Knee Pulls High, Knee Pulls Low, Knee Pulls – Hands To Floor, Jump Rope, Jab Across, Jab Across 4 & 4, Upper Cuts 2 & 2, Uppercuts, 4 & 4, Upper Cuts 8 & 8, 8 Jabs/8 Power Jumps, Football Drills, Tricep Pulses, Tackle, Offensive Line Elbow, 3 Point Shot – Run, Guard Drills, Suicide Drills, Basket Ball Dribble, Pike Jumps, Pendulum, C Sit, C Sit Scissors, C Sit Flutter Kicks, V Push Ups, Bronco Jumps, Ladders – 15,45, 60, Long Jump,

Access To The Insanity Workout

There are two ways in which you can do the insanity workout and they are:

Me personally, I have not done the On Demand ones, as I purchased the box set in 2014.

While the On Demand version is accessible anywhere, I prefer having the box set.

There is something awesome about a tangible product. It always motivated me to start my workouts, when I could go get my box set, open it up and put in my workout.

I guess, nowadays it is about convenience, so the On Demand version will be better if that is what you are looking for.

For me, I prefer the box set. Call me old school lol.

Insanity Workout Warning!

Insanity workouts are hard on the body. They are (in my opinion) extremely effective, but they are not for everyone. And I cannot stress that enough.

I wouldn’t recommend doing this particular insanity workout if you have the following;

  • Bad or injured joints. There is a lot of plyometric exercises and intense movements. Your joints will take a beating. There are warnings on the screen telling you to land softly. But if you are not familiar with plyometric exercises, you will find them hard in the beginning.
  • Heavily overweight. My only concern would be the agility part of the workout. You may find it extremely difficult. Thus resulting in you feeling you would rather give up.
  • Extremely unfit. Insanity workouts are designed to work at extreme intervals. Don’t get me wrong. You can of course work your fitness up, throughout the workout. I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t mention that some would find it too difficult to do based on their fitness alone.

This Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Do it!

In no way am I saying, that people who have these factors, should not partake in this insanity workout.

My blog is about honesty, and I feel (after doing this workout over 6 times) that some people will find it hard in the beginning. I did!

I am passionate about helping people achieve their success, by offering honest advice on how to achieve it. Without all the marketing hype.

Your success is important to me, so when I review something. I do it not only with honesty, but because I have physically tried it myself.

Be Careful of your heart rate.

The other thing you need to watch out for with this workout, is your heart rate. Shaun T is great at reminding you to check it, but you need to stay on top of it.

If your heart rate does not come down during the rest times, take a little longer. You could even move around slowly.

New starts to the insanity workouts will have an elevated heart rate of a much higher number than they are used to.

It will be a shock to the body, so you need to keep that in check.

My Conclusion on Insanity Workouts

So are insanity workouts effective? Yes they are!

Look, these workouts are not by any stretch of the imagination easy. Nor are they for everyone.

This article on insanity workouts is to lay it all out there for you to decide. As I have mentioned before, this is my go-to HIIT workout.

I don’t always complete the 2 month workouts. Sometimes I choose only to do 1 month. Whether it is Month 1 or Month 2.

My Reason For Doing It The First Time

In the beginning when I first did the insanity workouts, I did Month 1, Recovery Week and Month 2.

The idea behind it was to look good for honeymoon. So I started it just over 2 months before we left for the Maldives.

Insanity Workouts After

My Results After Doing The Full Insanity 2 Month Workout!

Either way, this workout does require commitment and dedication. There will be times when you want to quit!

Your body will most certainly feel it for the first week. But if you persevere, you will see the results.

I hope you found this post on insanity workouts useful. If you did, please like and share it with your friends and family.

Please feel free to leave your comments below and we can discuss them.

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