6 Week Body Transformation

It is all about taking back control of your body and getting it working. This 6 Week Body Transformation Routine is designed to take your body physique to the next level. Scroll down the page and take a look at what this routine is all about.

This is a 6 week routine that you will be following. What you will be doing, is to getting your muscles ready to lift weights. The first week is about working each part of your muscles.

This is so that they get used to the range of motion and lifting technique that you will be using. Once you have gotten your muscles ready to start working, it is time to start week 2 and this is where it starts to get interesting.


Elements Of The Routine

Physique Change

Get ready to start changing your physique. This routine is designed to target all muscle areas from the start.

Muscle Development

From the early stages of this routine, your muscles will start to develop as you put them through their paces.


Work your muscles continuously through the hypertrophy range for maximum development and growth.

Grip & Strength

You will need to utilize your grip and strength when powering through the different exercises in the workouts.
8 Week Body Transformation Elements


Don't underestimate the necessity for your recovery time. It is important for your body development


You need to ensure that you consume enough fluids during your day. Especially when you are training.


You must remained focused on your goals as you train. Don't let yourself be put down for any reason.

Unlock Your Potential

Don't stop at what you can do. Push yourself harder and stronger. Unlock the power from within.

About The 6 Week Body Transformation Routine

With this routine it is not just about pressing the weight in any direction. It is about working the muscle through the whole range of motion and time under tension.

You want to keep your muscles tense and working for a set amount of time. Power lifting is a completely different technique, which does not require the muscles to be under tension for any length of time.

Power lifting is about explosive lifts. Get the weight lifted as heavy and as quickly as possible. This routine is about keeping the muscles moving strictly and correctly.

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What You Will Need

Record Your Data

  • Strength
  • Power

Keeping track of your progress is vital in understanding how you are performing with your workouts. You will be able to recall information on past workouts, to better gauge your future progress.

Understanding key metrics with your exercises will help you increase your weights and resistance as the routine progresses. Analyse your data for accurate results on what you have and should be doing.

Progress PhotosWhy not keep a record of weekly progress photos. This helps tremendously with gauging how your physique is developing over a set period of time. By knowing how and where your body is developing, you will be able to calculate better what part requires more attention.

Not to mention the motivation it will give you when you start seeing results. Why not share your results and progress with like minded aspiring bodybuilders on our fast expanding community section?

Taking supplements while you are working your muscles is a great way to give them and your body what they need for repair and recovery. Your muscle fibres will get torn during workouts. This is perfectly normal. They do however, need to repair.

This is where rest, diet and recovery come in. By eating food alone, you won’t give your muscles everything they need. The more you push them, the more they will require in order to recover and develop.

Life For Gym recommend the following supplements for this routine:

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Start Off The Right Way
This 6 week body transforming routine will allow you feel confident in yourself and have the body you want. Get started today!

Weekly Calendar Layout

You are training 6 days on and 1 day off. You can decide how when your Day 1 is and move from there.

Week 1 - 6

Day 1

Chest &

Day 2

Legs &

Day 3

Arms &

Day 4

Shoulders &

Day 5

Back &

Day 6

Chest, Legs,
Arms, Shoulders

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All the exercises are laid out for you each week