Pillar 4 – Motivation Foundation.

February 5, 2021
Pillar 4 – Motivation Foundation.

Establishing your Motivation Foundation.

So, have arrived at the last Pillar of our journey to success. This pillar is about developing a solid motivation foundation, as it is what is going to keep you motivated and on the right path to your dreams.

Your challenges will start right away, so it is crucial that you find ways to keep yourself motivated and positive. I will walk you through some things that you can use to find like-minded peers to help you stay motivated.

But let us first look at how far you have come.

What are you going to do to keep yourself motivated throughout your journey? For me, I place positive things in front of me. You could change your phone wallpaper to reflect something positive. Or perhaps leave positive post it notes around your house. I have a few dotted around my study.

Let us look at some things you can build into your journey to help you keep on track.

Set Yourself Daily Challenges

The journey is an ongoing process and one that you must enjoy. By setting yourself daily challenges, it keeps you motivated with things you can do in everyday life. Try parking further from the shop or your office, so you get in an extra few steps.

If there is a flight of stairs to take instead of an elevator, take the stairs. Perhaps you have two sugars in your coffee or tea. Try taking just one.

These are personal challenges and can be fun for you. It takes your mind off the journey in its entirety and gives you a narrower focus. At the end of the day, when you have achieved your daily challenge, you feel a sense of accomplishment. It has been a good day and you have achieved something.

All these little challenges add up along the way. They make you stronger as you progress.

Keep throwing things into the mix. While you are walking to the shop or office, try skipping for a bit. Just break it up a little. If anyone ever asks you what you are doing, simply tell them that you are having fun and smile at them.

These little bursts of positivity go a long way.

Finding the Right Support

Getting-Support-With-Weight-LossThis is something that you need to think about a little. What support are you looking for? You need to be honest with yourself. Looking for someone to support you to get into the gym, might not be the right support.

Maybe you are struggling to get the motivation to go to gym, because you are worried about something. Is someone who is not worrying about something, except for going to gym, the right support for you at the time?

You need to be in control of your mind and emotions. If you are struggling with something, then you may need the support of someone or a few people to help you with your struggles. The right support is vital to achieving your dreams. Don’t tackle a problem with a solution meant for something else.

One step at a time. One problem at a time. If you solve enough problems, you get to carry on.

A simple text goes a long way!

I always endeavour to help as much of you as I can with your health and body transformation journeys. My blog is about providing solutions and answers to questions or concerns my readers may have. I strongly recommend you keep visiting my blog to keep up to date with new articles and ideas I have for you.

Remember, being supported and supporting others work together. Help each other out and be there for one another. This doesn’t mean everyday visiting or hanging out. A simple text message asking how the person is doing or getting on with their journey goes a long way.

It shows that you are thinking of them and their journey matters to you. It is nice to receive that from people, so take it upon yourself to do the same.

By showing this kind of positivity, you are actively encouraging it into your life. Rather focus on developing your character positively, rather than engaging in the latest gossip and “have you heard” stories.

Join a Community For A Strong Motivation Foundation!

Perhaps there is a local community that actively encourage new members. Find out what they have to offer and try to at least go visit. Browse Social Media pages and groups and see which would be a positive place for you to join.

Becoming part of a community gives you a sense of place and a strong motivation foundation. Somewhere you feel you can belong. Don’t look at it as a place to assert yourself. Being positive and self-centred are two different things. A community support and uplift each other. Trying to compete with fellow members won’t shed any good light on you.

Become part of a team and actively encourage others to be better versions of themselves. In return, you will receive the same treatment and uplifting.

You could also join my Live for Gym Support Group on Facebook. When you subscribe to my Free Newsletter you are automatically invited to going my group. This is a great place to get to meet fellow like-minded individuals who are facing the same challenges as you.

Keep Your Family in Mind

Working on self-development, means focusing internally. This can have a negative and positive impact on your family. Professional bodybuilders require intense self-discipline and focus. Their training, nutrition, strategy, and rest are calculated to the nearest second and microgram.

To get to that level of achievement, huge sacrifices need to be made. Your family will need to understand this.

Not all of us want to aspire to such achievements, but the fact still remains. Sacrifices need to be made and changes will occur. Your changes don’t have to drastically impact your family, but some give, and take is required.

Changing your diet to that of a healthy one, is never a negative (in my mind anyway). Your family will benefit from this change, not just you.

Set aside time for your exercising and training and ask your family to support you with this. I train at home now (thanks lock down), so my training type has shifted from a mixture of heavy weights and hypertrophy training, to lighter weights and HIIT routines.

My Motivation Foundation and My Family

My training never really impacted by family as I was away, training at the gym. But now that I am training at home, they allow me time. My son (4 years old) trains with me. His version of the Pushups is getting into plank position and thrusting his hips into the floor. Each unto his own I guess 😊.

My daughter is a competitive cheerleader, so she does her training as well. If you call bending yourself into a pretzel and walking around with your feet in the air training, then that is what she does.

Exercising and training has always been a part of my family life, so they are understanding and accepting of it.

Once you have decided on the path you want to take, talk to your family about it and see what compromises need to be made amongst you. If your family are not supportive (which I am sure they will be), you will need to decide on how much you want to achieve your goals.

This may require more sacrifices or even isolation.

Look for Inspiration.

Finding-InspirationInspiration can come in many forms. Looking at pictures of things that interest you, listening to podcasts from successful people in your interests, reading books and articles on motivational stories.

By focusing on thinking positive thoughts, you will see the world with different eyes. Try and copy the habits and traits of successful people. A great resource for this is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Affiliate Link). I have read this book cover to cover 3 times.

The power of it never seems to amaze me.

If you are active on Social Media, follow influencers that have not only achieved success, but that inspire others to become better versions of themselves. There is a fine line between motivating others to do well and subtly showing off one’s status.

Many of us look at the success of others through their interaction on Social Media and think that we are inspired by what we see. But if we think about it. Is it really inspiration we are feeling, or is it borderline jealousy?

When I look at influencers for inspiration, I look for how they are inspiring others. For example, a celebrity or influencer that posts pictures of them socializing in their mansion with friends, is not inspiring to me. It merely shows me that they are publicising their wealth and the friends they have.

A celebrity or influencer who posts pictures of them engaging with people and helping them do something is inspiring to me. Let people show their achievements to the world. You work hard for it. But inspire people with it. Don’t show it off.

Look at those less fortunate than yourself and watch them develop on their journey. You will be surprised how a certain demographic can catapult your journey to success much quicker.

Be Proud of Your Achievements

When you achieve something, be proud of it. Hold your head up high and acknowledge your accomplishment. Even it if is small, like a daily challenge. It gives you sense of self-worth and positivity. Embrace it!

Let your community know you have achieved something and inspire them to do the same.

Remember that you have achieved something. Not someone else. Don’t listen to them when they try to invalidate your accomplishment. Particularly if they try to compare it to something they have done. If you are presented with this, simply congratulate the person on their achievement and move on.

The trick with this, is to mean it when you say congratulations. We all get on the defensive when someone tries to undermine our achievements. Try to look at why this person is trying to invalidate your success. Maybe they were never acknowledged while they were growing up and this invalidation is just a way for them to get recognition for once.

Put your own pride out the way for a minute and be happy for them and what they have accomplished. By doing this, you are reversing the negative impact of their actions and turning it into something positive. You have given someone validation for their success. Even if it was you that was looking for it (remember what I said in Pillar 3 about outside validation).

By trying to prove that your accomplishment is better than the other persons, you are inviting negative thoughts into your mind. These thoughts manifest themselves in the way you continue with your journey. It is no longer about personal development; it is about being better than everyone else.

Appreciating Your Success

Appreciate-Your-SuccessWhen you have finally achieved success, appreciate it wholeheartedly. This is what you have worked towards your entire journey and will continue working on while developing your motivation foundation.

Now when it comes to success and achieving it, you need to know what success is (this is my own opinion of it).

Having a chiselled physique or a million pounds in the bank is not success, it is a measure of your success. Completing the journey is what makes you successful.

You have embarked on journey to achieve the body you have wanted. Or you decided that becoming a millionaire is what you want to achieve.

Regardless of your vision and objectives, you will encounter adversity, problems, and hard times. Being able to overcome and adapt to these issues, whilst continuing your journey to the end has made you successful.

It is not about breaking records, becoming world famous or being the best. All you must do to become successful is overcome your problems.

This is an important part of self-development. Understanding what you have accomplished and what you have overcome. Becoming a better version of yourself is what I call being successful. Once you have achieved this, there really isn’t anything you won’t be able to achieve if you put your mind to it.

Motivation Foundation and Your Sense of Self

Personal achievement, success and development are all part of a positive transformation and developing a strong motivation foundation. Many of us struggle to know who we really are. I am much better knowing who I am now, than I was for many years before.

It takes time, effort, and patience to fully understand who “You” really is. This isn’t about going up into the mountains, painting yourself with ash and head-butting trees. Nor is it something you need to rush.

The next time you are apprehensive about doing something or acting upon an emotion. Stop and think why you are feeling this.

Your journey to success will unlock many things about yourself. The more you focus on the 4 Pillars of Success, the more you will start to realize what it is that you want. Not what others want of you. It is easier to live the life of someone else than to live our own.

Once you have finally achieved success in what you want to do, you will have achieved a sense of self. This feeling is a complete feeling. Everything around you will start to make sense. Things may even start to smell better. Another great resource is called “The Power of Now” (Affiliate Link). This resource is something I often refer to, despite having read it twice.

There are so many things we don’t know about ourselves, but your journey to success will uncover these hidden gems for you.

Final Words On Motivation Foundation

I hoped you had fun travelling with me through this final pillar of success – developing your motivation foundation. As you can see there are many things that you first need to address before you decide on our journey. My journey is still very much ongoing.

The way I look at things is that I am always hungry, never satisfied. Once I achieve something, I want to achieve more. Don’t get me wrong though. I am proud of myself and content with my success. It is just that I want to do more. Or even better than I did before.

Once these 4 pillars have been established as part of your daily lives, your journey will continue to progress for the better.

These pillars are not meant to be exclusive to weight training, nutrition and exercising. They can be adopted into any part of your life. They are the pillars in which I live my life and by doing this, my health and fitness has taken on leaps and bounds.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on how these 4 pillars have impacted on your life. Please feel free to leave your comments below, so I can share some experiences with you.

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