Day 37 of my challenge

March 24, 2021
Day 37 of my challenge

My challenge so far has brought me a long way in my transformation journey. Things took a little different turn today, with my wife getting her promotion.

This is something she has been working hard towards for a year now, and today she finally received the news that she had received the promotion.

So we decided that a few celebratory drinks were in order for the evening. Not something we do in the week (and me anyway during this challenge lol), but there are times when you just go with the flow haha.

I still got both my workouts done today (my wife got hers in as well) and most of my meals before we started celebrating. Figured if I was going to let my hair down for a bit, I may as well get in as much of my diet as I could haha.

It was worth it, and I don’t regret having a few drinks. But it is time to get back to work now!

I am still very much committed to my challenge and I have every intention of staying on my path to success.

Where is my motivation at?


Find a reason to keep yourself motivated on your journey!

Every day I can see that my body is transforming, and this is something that makes me proud of my achievements.

I know that my body is transforming, because I am aware of the daily lifestyle changes that I am making. They were not easy in the beginning, believe me!

But I am committed to becoming a better version of myself every day, so everyday I work towards do just that.

All these things keep me motivated and allow me to make the right decisions on my transformation journey.

We need a purpose, and for me, this purpose was taking part in this Axe and Sledge Transformation Challenge.

I needed to get out of my dark place, and this challenge did just that. Put it this way. It didn’t get me out of it perse, but it gave me light at the end of the tunnel.

Something to work towards. Instead of just wallowing around in a dark pit. I just needed some direction that I could head toward to, and I found it.

The reason I got into this place was because I lost my way, not because I was broken!

Training and Exercising

My training is going as well as can be, but I am struggling with my left shoulder and elbow. The shoulder issue is from dislocating it 6 years ago. It doesn’t normally give me bother (as it is only certain movements that cause it discomfort) but it seems to be coming back with a vengeance.

This is more than likely due to bodybuilding routines in the morning and insanity workouts in the afternoon.

The morning workout routines are no bother as I have been training weights for a long time after dislocating my shoulder. So, I know how to modify exercises to compensate for it.

But there isn’t much I can modify for the variation in insanity workout exercises. Many of the movements require full rotation of the shoulder, or long hold positions where the weight is always on your shoulders.

This is mainly where the discomfort occurs. With the problem being, it overlaps into my morning sessions. Therefore, I need to be aware of this, as I don’t’ want my shoulder to become a hinderance to my training.

Right now, it is manageable, but for how long…time will tell.

Getting in the right food!


Know what your body needs and not what you think it wants!

Apart from my blowout this evening with the wife, my diet has been good so far. I make sure I get in my meals.

It is important for me to get them in regularly as I am cutting down on a lot of slow burning energy foods. This leads to consistent hunger throughout the day and increases the risk of snacking in between.

I am very much aware of this, so that is why I ensure that I my meals are prepped before time.

When it comes to your diet and the purpose behind your eating, you need to stay ahead of the game. Over the years, I have learnt to adapt my daily routine to allow for meal preparation.

Its all about maths really! How long will you spend preparing each meal, vs spending time cooking all your meals at once?

Yeah, you will have to heat them up. And yes, they won’t taste as good as when you eat it straight after cooking. But if you are eating for a purpose (such as bodybuilding or for weight loss), then it isn’t about taste. It is about nutrition.

So, what’s up for tomorrow?

Well tomorrow is back on my strict diet. I have had my blow out with my wife with celebratory drinks and I enjoyed it.

But that is where it is stopping. I still have work to do. This journey is ongoing.

Perhaps when the initial challenge is over, I may celebrate. But for now, I must keep working on developing a better version of myself.

I am looking forward to my chest workout, but I don’t think I am looking forward to doing my afternoon insanity workouts lol.

My quads and shoulders are still reeling from doing two Plyometric Cardio Circuit workouts, 2 days in a row 😀

My takeaway for Day 37 of My Challenge

I guess it has to be that it is ok to have a “cheat” evening, but to remember that there is still work to be done. It is easy for me to not get caught up in wanting to indulge in certain festivities (I have been practicing for a while now lol), but the temptation is still there.

I look at it as an anomaly and move on. That is how I analyse things that happen in my life.

If they are not all the time occurrences, then I put it down to a “once off” and carry on.

Well, I think that’s a wrap guys and girls. Please like and share this post if you feel it added value to your day. Or at least made you smile (or howl with laughter).

Your comments are always welcome, so please feel free to leave them below and we can discuss them.

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