Day 39 Of My Journey

March 27, 2021
Day 39 Of My Journey

My journey so far has been interesting and challenging at the same time. But it does feel like it is getting long now lol.

It could be fatigue, or maybe because my diet is still changing. However, I am getting really tired now though.

The main thing is to keep my head down and keep working towards my goals. This is what drives me forward every day.

There are times that I feel perhaps it is better if I just stop this challenge. Not my journey, just the actual challenge.

It isn’t about quitting; I think it is more about how I have now got myself out of the hole I was in and am moving forward with my life. How my mindset has changed and that I am starting to achieve my goals.

Lately I have been questioning my reasons for continuing with this 8 week challenge lol. Is it because I wanted to win (as in the financial gain aspect), or just get my head back to where it should be?

If my drive is no longer to win the prize money, then why am a I continuing? I guess it’s the discipline or structure of having to submit weekly check in photos. This is how your progress is measured?

For me the problem is that my photos are doing absolutely NO justice to my progress. I know this and can see if clear as day. Therefore, all judgements of it will be inaccurate.

There are significant changes in my physique (it isn’t often that we can see it to that level ourselves), but if I can see it, and the photos don’t reflect it, why submit them?

Something I need to figure out…soon lol.

Where is my motivation at?

Look, I am still very much motivated to continue on with my journey. That part will not change. I fought hard to get out of the hole I was in and I plan on never going back into it.

So, from that aspect, my drive to succeed is growing every day. For each challenge that I overcome, I become more empowered to take on the next one.

I am also becoming much more motivated to help others that have been in a similar position to me. There is nothing worse than feeling like you can not get out of the hole you are in.

It is a terrible feeling, and one that nobody should go through alone. But the one thing that I learnt, is that it all starts with yourself. If you have not established who you really are, you are going to have a very hard time figuring out where you want to be.

Training and Exercising

My training is still going strong, regardless of what is going on in my day. This is something I make sure I get in to the best of my ability.

I have started to bring my bodybuilding training earlier in the morning. With only having one meal before. Taking Axe and Sledge Supplements are also definitely supporting my results.

This is part of my cutting stage. I am not lifting overly heavy weights, so I feel that I do not need to be feeding myself more than once before my session.

I don’t require the vast amounts of energy and power that is required for heaving lifting sessions. Therefore, I do not need to have eaten a lot before that to support my training.

Look, this method works for me. I have done it many times in the past. I know how much power I need during my training sessions to get through it effectively. But it might not work for everyone.

My insanity workouts in the afternoon are also getting much better. Every workout I do, I get better at it the next time.

The first week is always the hardest, but I am almost finished with week 3 now and the results are showing.

Getting in the right food

I am only eating carbs once every 4 meals a day now. My protein in take has increased, while my carbohydrate intake has decreased.

With this method, I am suffering with constant hunger as the protein is burnt through quickly and I get hungry more often than before.

I do find myself snacking on peanuts or biltong (South African cured meat – better than jerky lol) throughout the day.

Probably doesn’t help that our local supermarket is discontinuing their supply and selling them off really cheap lol. Find vast quantities of it in my trolley when I go stocking up on essential supplies. Wonder who puts them in there lol…

So what’s up for tomorrow?

Tomorrow is Friday and the end of a hard week on my journey. I’m thinking some good food in the evening and a few episodes of 24.

Not like anything can happen with lockdown haha.

I am going to have a good arm workout though. Feel like I need to give them some more attention.

The insanity workouts target a lot of muscles simultaneously (especially your quads, core and triceps), but I feel I need some more work done on my guns.

So, I will spend some time working on them. First need to check which insanity workout I am going to do. The last time I hammered my triceps, I had to do one of their workouts that required the most tricep work lol. That did not go down well 😀

My takeaway for my journey so far.

It would probably have to be deciding on which path I want to take when I have finished this transformation journey.

I do know that I want to help others overcome their challenges and empower themselves to become better versions of who they are.

It is not about changing who you are. It is about making changes to become who you are.

It is all looking brighter though, so I am looking forward to seeing what the next few days bring.

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