7 Healthy Foods To Fill You Up

7 Healthy Foods To Fill You Up

If curbing your appetite healthily is something you have a problem with, then why not find out the 7 Healthy Foods To Fill You Up that you could be eating. Whether it is weight loss or bodybuilding that you are striving towards, keeping on top of your diet is important.

We all know what it feels like to suddenly get surprised with an overwhelming urge to “pig out” on the nearest food source to satisfy our hunger. But it is these cravings that have the most detrimental effect on our body.

With the right diet, eating schedule and correct food types, we are on the right path to achieving our goals. With that said, let us take a look at the 7 healthy foods to fill you up:

7 Healthy Foods To Fill You Up


Does Broccoli Fill You UpWho would have thought broccoli would be on the list? While some would claim broccoli (among other low calorie fruits and vegetables) is a negative calorie food, there is not much scientific evidence to support this theory.

The so called “negative calorie effect” is non existent, however weight loss can become present as the consumption of broccoli allows the consumer to feel full afterwards.

There are 31 calories in a cup of broccoli. These are good calories and with the absorption of the nutrients, the body registers the process and the need to over eat is gone.

Broccoli also contains glucoraphanin. Glucoraphanin has very few calories and also supports the body’s own detoxification system.


Legumes BeansLegumes have a great notional profile and contain large amounts of plant based protein and fibre. They also have a low energy density so this allows them to give the sensation of fulfilment. Along with their great nutritional properties, legumes may also help with the prevention of diseases. which certain studies have found.

For the “waistline watcher”, try eating some beans. Beans contain a host of antioxidants, complex carbohydrates and fibre. Don’t hold back when it comes to consuming beans. Some beans for you to add to your meal could be lentils, red kidney beans, black beans, chickpeas and edamame.

Beans are also considerably more affordable than other sources of the same ingredients. So if you are on a budget, then consider stocking up on these little powerhouses.


Whole GrainsA popular choice for whole grains is brown rice and oatmeal. These particular foods are high in fibre, thus providing a filling sensation. They also help to balance the blood sugar levels in the body.

A soluble fibre found in oatmeal is called beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is a slow digesting fibre that once consumed, will help to keep you fill for longer. This is also helpful with preventing overeating. Something which we have all fallen prey to.

Not to mention the energy reserves that are increased from eating wholegrains, they also regulate your metabolism. Why not indulge in a protein and fibre packed meal to start off your day?


Chicken For Filling You UpWith only 165 calories per 100gms of chicken breast, why not have a grilled breast to satisfy your appetite? Chicken is classed as a “lean protein”. What constitutes lean protein is having less than 10 grams of total fat and 4.5 grams or less of saturated fats per 3.5 ounce portion. This is according to USDA.

Chicken affect the hormones that control hunger and the rate at which food is emptied from out stomachs. Another prominent fact about chicken is the high thermal affect it has on food. This means that is burns the most calories during digestion.

Low Fat Milk

Low Fat MilkConsuming dairy products, especially low fat ones, can help with your weight management. There are a variety of different dairy options for you to consider, but why not start your day off with a yogurt based breakfast. You could eat fibre rich cereals covered with loy fat yogurt.

The recommended consumption for dairy products is 3 per day. If you are not one for drinking milk first thing in the morning, then yogurt or cottage cheese might be a better alternative for you. During the day you could consume an 8 ounce glass of low fat (or skimmed) milk, followed by another source of dairy later on in the evening.


WatermelonThey don’t just look inviting, they also contain Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 And Vitamin C. With only 30 calories per 100 grams, the option for a slice of watermelon should be on everyone’s minds.

Watermelon is a perfect source f fibre and water. With this combo, you can be rest assured you will find yourself filling up quickly. But filling up with fewer calories. They are also sweet, so the next time you crave something sweet…think of a slice of watermelon.


Soups For Filling you UpNothing like a good broth of warm soup on a winters day. But this isn’t the only time you should be consuming soup. Low calorie broth based soups allows you to consume less calories at mealtimes.

Soups with fibre filled vegetables will help you to feel fuller for longer. Thus preventing your hands from wondering through the cookie jar looking for a snack. Another reason soups provide a fuller feeling, is that the rate at which the food leaves the stomach is reduced. Compared to foods of the same type in solid form.

Conclusion on 7 Healthy Foods To Fill You Up

Remember that consuming process foods might provide you with a sensation of fullness, but they are not the healthy option. Healthy foods that provide this sensation, generally contain higher amounts of fibre and protein and are of a lower energy density.

The list above is not exhaustive, but does provide you with some great healthier alternatives to filing foods. Filing yourself up with lower calorie foods will aid in long term weight loss or management.

Hopefully this article will help you make a more informed decision on the next time you think about dipping your hand into something you shouldn’t. We welcome your feedback on this page, so please feel free to leave your comments below.

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