Red Lobster Nutrition

October 14, 2017 / Nutrition Articles
Red Lobster Nutrition

Lobsters come in many shapes, sizes and colours but most of us are only familiar with the red lobster. There has been some debate for many years as to whether red lobster nutrition is good for you or not – those against us eating lobster have never based their dissent on scientific fact!

There is a belief that the diet of a lobster (yes, some people seem to have studied it) is not beneficial to humans as it is a ‘bottom feeder’. Contentious to say the least – lobsters eat mainly ‘live’ food, and their diet in itself would be beneficial to humans, not harmful!

So, evidence suggests that red lobster nutrition is a healthy food choice!

Even a small portion of lobster (after all, it is not the cheapest item on our food lists) will enhance and strengthen many factors within our bodies. Lobster is low in calories and exceptionally low in fat – as long as you don’t slather it all over with melted butter, as it is commonly served in some restaurants

For instance, 110g of lobster meat contains only 98 calories and only 0.6g of fat – but it does contain 21 lipsmacking grams of protein! Make the contrast with 100g of skinless white chicken meat and you will find that not only is it higher in calories (168 cals per 100g) but it contains in excess of 500% more fat than lobster, and those fats are not all ‘healthy’ fats.

Although the best health factor in lobster is its’ excellent source of lean protein, there are other nutritional benefits to be gained from consuming this lovely delicacy. Whether they are baked, boiled, steamed or grilled, they provide a multitude of health enhancing properties.

  • High protein content – makes this seafood particularly beneficial to athletes.
  • Low in cholesterol, keeping the heart and blood flow healthy
  • Strong source of Omega-3 acids, vital for the effective functioning of heart and brain. The risk of heart conditions such as arrhythmia is lessened as is placque formation within the arteries.
  • Lobsters are a very good source of Vitamin B12 which helps maintain and promote the health of red blood cells and and nerve cells. Also effective in the prevention of neurological diseases, such as Alzheimers.
  • Zinc found in lobsters has a repair system for the body and can help in healing body tissue. Also effective as an immune system booster.
  • Phosphorus present in lobster, promotes the growth of healthy bones and teeth, can assist in the metabolic rate and also lessen joint pain. Phosphorus is also effective for a healthy kidney function.
  • Traces of selenium are known to facilitate the immune system, have a trigger effect on the thyroid gland and an overall protection scheme against free radicals in the air.

Red Lobster Nutrition BenefitsPerhaps the most important health factor of consuming lobster is its’ overall benefits in terms of a healthy heart, although the other factors should not be dismissed. Virtually every part of the body is covered by the nutritional benefits of lobster, including the skeletal frame, the heart and blood system, the immune system and last, but not least, can be effective in the treatment of colon cancer.

All in all,our friend the lobster is a great addition to your diet, but it is best to consume it simply cooked and not laden with rich sauces!

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