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Have you ever tried a workout routine, but with no results? Maybe you have thought about starting some kind of workout regimen, but not fully understand what is required of you? Are you one of those that have followed routine after routine but to no avail? It’s no wonder you feel like nothing will ever work. Well we at Live For Gym want to inform you that you no longer need to feel that way. We have designed a workout system that will shape up your body in 4 weeks. Not only that, but we want you to have it for FREE!!!

Your Routine

Specifically Designed

Jay has custom designed this routine to maximize muscle development and trigger the fat burning process right throughout.

Each step is clearly explained throughout each of the week, so you know exactly what you must do!

Live For Gym Shape Your Body Routine
Shape Your Body In 4 Weeks Diet Plan

Your Diet Plan

Everything Laid Out

Your diet plan has everything you need to succeed in this workout system. Meals are laid out for each day and week.

No more guessing what to eat as we have designed this diet plan for maximum results!

Take A Look At Whats Included!

Everything has been laid out for you

Workout Schedule

No more guessing what you should be doing to shed those pounds! We have done the thinking and we have done the planning! What you need to do is laid out step by step!

Daily Exercise Layout

Never wake up and have to wonder what daily exercises you must do. We have thought of it all for you! See straight away at a glance what your exercises are, so there are no surprises.

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Calculated Daily Calorie Intake

Do not worry about what thinking of what meal you should prepare. We have though it all through for you. Follow our easy to prepare meals that will help you shape your body!

Dedicated Support Group

Sign up to our community website and join our “Shape Up In 4 Weeks” group to receive motivation, tips and guidance from other users of this awesome workout system!

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Your success is our dream. We want you to get the body that you have always wanted, and for this reason we are giving this system away for FREE!! Don't waste time anymore.....Grab your FREE copy today
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