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Are You Looking To Gain A Clearer Understanding?

If you are wondering where the best place to find information on Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Nutrition and much more. Then you have come to the right place.

Live For Gym is about inspiring, teaching and continuously supporting our friends from all over the world with the information they need to get the body they deserve. Exercising, weight loss and bodybuilding does NOT have to be a scary place. Especially when it comes to understanding the fundamentals behind each of them.

Do you Find Yourself Confused With Health and Fitness?

Exercising advice and informationThere is so much information available on the internet relating to health and fitness, weight loss, exercising, dieting and nutrition, bodybuilding and training. But who is right? How do we know if the information we are following is correct?

The truth is most of it all boils down to science and the effects it has on the human body and muscle anatomy. Now with that said, only around 5% of people will be able to understand it in these terms. I remember when I first found out about the bodybuilding and what it entailed. I was gobsmacked! How was I supposed to process all this information? Things operating at a molecular level! I couldn’t even operate a barbell, let alone understand how the barbell was affecting my muscle fibres!

When it comes to the human body, things do get very intricate and detailed. And this is where most people that are starting out fall short. The information is scary and the level detail is too much to process. It doesn’t have to be this way at all. Once you understand the fundamentals of what you are trying to achieve, you will be right where you need to be. Without all the scientific ‘fluff’.

Once an understanding has been achieved by an individual or group of friends, the desire to continue chasing their dreams will become stronger!

Live For Gym Was Born

Live For Gym was started to entice, educate and deliver quality information to its readers and friends. The basis on which we provide our information is for the “layman”. Our writers, trainers and educators are very well versed in exercising, losing weight, muscle training, weight lifting and dieting and nutrition.

With this knowledge, we are able to break down the information into easy to read and understand sections.

Reference is made to the anatomy and scientific aspects of each area, but these are purely reference only. The idea is first achieve an understanding of a topic, before these references are made.

It is important to understand, that in no way are we trying to undermine or invalidate the countless hours and years experts have put into obtaining their knowledge. We thrive on their expertise and knowledge and often reference their research and publications.

Our aim is to take this high level of knowledge and turn it into something that the average person can understand. Once an understanding has been achieved by an individual or group of friends, the desire to continue chasing their dreams will become stronger!

What Do You Need Help With?

Most of the visitors arriving at Live For Gym are looking to find answers to their problems. As avid bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts, we understand this dilemma. For this reason we have organised  our site into portals. These portals are easily found throughout the site and accessible from each page.

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Female Muscle Growth

Our Female Muscle Growth portal offers workout routines and nutrition plans for muscle development

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Find out what classes our Personal Trainers have to offer based on your requirements and book directly!

Understanding Nutrition

Our Nutrition portal offers information and nutrition breakdown features to help you understand about Nutrition

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Remember, we also add reviews of various products, supplements and equipment. Many of these products are suggested throughout the site as beneficial enhancements to training programs and diet plans. Keep an eye out for these!

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