Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Tips

March 28, 2018
Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Tips

Is bodybuilding your passion and you want nothing more than to take it seriously? Then these top 10 best bodybuilding tips will give you the edge. Are you finding yourself struggling to get a firm grasp on what you should be doing in order to succeed with your bodybuilding? Perhaps you are getting fed up with nonsense advice and false information on what you should be doing? This stops today!

What part of the whole bodybuilding process is it that you have a problem with? Are one of the reasons that you are still trying to find the best bodybuilding program that yields the best results? Or is it maybe that you are struggling to find the balance between how much you should be training and what kind of a bodybuilding diet you should be following?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then these are the best bodybuilding tips I can give you. So let’s waste no more time and dive straight into what these tips are!

Top 10 Best Bodybuilding Tips

No 1 – Form is King

Bodybuilding technique - form is king

The one point that we stress all the time is that if you are not going to lift correctly, then don’t lift at all. Without the proper form and technique, you will do nothing good for your body, muscles or definition. Not to mention the serious risk of injury you may cause yourself.

Kai Greene has the perfect philosophy when it comes to form. He says that you need to become the set. Feel each muscle fibre engaging as you move through the “rep”. Once you are in tune with your muscles on a mental level and can feel them work from start to finish, then you will know what you need to be doing.

Think about the muscle you are trying to work and focus on that. You will be very surprised at how much weight you would have to drop to feel only that muscle working. Remember the mind will always want to protect the body. It does this by giving the body easier options to perform something, in order to avoid putting the body under stress. This is also referred to as the lazy side of us.

If you are trying to do a particular exercise (or range of motion), the thing to watch out for is the dominant muscle. This is normally the secondary muscle to the primary one you are trying to work. A typical example will be standing barbell curls. How many people do you know or have seen (including yourself) rocking their body back and forth to lift the bar?

We can all say at least one. Why is this done? Because the bicep muscle is considerably smaller than a dominant muscle like the back. So what would be the easier option to lift the weight (think the mind and the body)?

It would have to be the back right? Exactly! The back is bigger, therefore by engaging the back, the weight goes up, and the stress is taken away from the biceps. Job done (thank you brain)!.

It is exactly this that you need to watch out for. You want to work the biceps. By going to heavy too quickly, you subconsciously find another muscle to help you. Don’t do this. Start lightly and feel your biceps engaging form the start.

This might feel like a slow and unproductive process, but trust me it works! Do this for every exercise you do.

No 2 – Don’t rush your weights

Weight lifting injuries

You won’t get there any quicker by trying to jump ahead. The fundamental process behind bodybuilding is consistency, correct diet, discipline, time and focus. Nowhere in there does it say “lift as much as you can, quickly and without direction”.

As mentioned above, utilizing the correct form is paramount to your success. Understand what muscle you are trying to work for each exercise and focus on that. By lifting heavy too quickly, you are not preparing your weaker muscles (normally the ones that need more development) for the journey they are going to go through.

I would also like to mention that by going too heavy too quickly you do run a serious risk of injury. You might think that you will go heavy (without proper consideration) for the first bit and not injure yourself. But it only takes one wrong move to put you out for weeks. Maybe even months.

No 3 – Post and pre workout bodybuilding meal

Pre and Post workout bodybuilding meals

This is such an important part of your training. Your body needs fuel. Not only for energy levels, but also for the repair process (on a molecular level). Having a solid pre workout bodybuilding meal before you train, can help not only your energy levels, but also your strength.

With that said, after your workout, it is just as important to feed your body nutrients that it has lost during the workout. This is the window in which your body requires food the most. The two stages in which you can find your muscles are “catabolic” and “anabolic”. As avid bodybuilders, the latter is the state we want our muscles to be in.

Anabolic is the best bodybuilding stage. Whereas, catabolic is the stage in which muscle is broken down. Do not find your muscles in this stage. All the hard work you are putting in at the gym, will be for nothing.

Always ensure that you are consuming vital bodybuilding protein foods throughout the day. Not just pre and post workout.

No 4 – Think of something new

Avoiding Gym Complacency

Your body has a memory, just like your mind. Avoid sticking to the same routine for longer than 3 weeks. Try change things up a bit. Without you noticing, your body remembers what it is going to do next. It works on the same principle as functional fitness.

Think about a routine, where every Monday is chest day and you start your workout off with a chest exercise such as the flat barbell press. Before you know it, your body knows exactly what it is going to do on that day and won’t perform past what it should.

It is the same when you do a physical job for a living. Such as construction, DIY…etc. You prepare yourself for the work ahead by listening to your mind. You tell yourself what you are going to do and what you are expected to lift or push. Your body listens too, and prepares itself for the task.

This doesn’t mean it is going to work any harder for the range of motion it is about to go through. It is used to this, therefore no more stress is placed on it. Which means no more muscle fibre breakdown for repair (and size).

No 5 – Your body needs rest

Bodybuilding rest days

We all know this. It is nothing new. But when it comes to breaking your muscles down day after day. You need to give your body rest. Plan your day so that on a heavy lift session, you are able to relax and rest. Not necessarily sleep or lie down, but just able to expend little energy afterwards.

Try and get 2 days rest during the week if you are new to bodybuilding. An ideal rest period is 48hrs between muscle groups. Bear in mind that secondary muscles do have an effect. For example, training chest one day, then thinking of training shoulders the next. Your triceps will be worked during both workouts.

Don’t be scared of resting. Many people think that if they are not training they are getting smaller. Or their muscles are getting weaker. Quite the opposite in fact. With the right rest and diet, your muscles are actually growing. Some might think this is not the best bodybuilding thing to do. But it is!

No 6 – Listen to your body

Listen to your body

Now this part is important. What you need to do is know what you are listening to. Your mind will start to play tricks on you. It is your body that will tell you what it wants to do.

When you feel tired or starting to lose strength. Stop and rest. This is your body telling you it has had enough and needs to recover. Having a feeling of “can’t be bothered” is your mind and not your body.

Learning to differentiate between the two is key to understanding how you are progressing with your regimen. Your mind can be your greatest ally, or it can be your worst enemy. You control your mind and not the other way around.

The best bodybuilding advice I can give is to remember why you are training and what you are putting your body through. When it needs a break, then give it a break. The last thing you want is for your body to start working against you.

No 7 – Focus on the compounds

Compoung Bodybuilding Exercises

There is a difference between an isolation exercise and a compound exercise. Barbell squats is an example of a compound exercise. This particular bodybuilding exercise focuses on the quadriceps, but also the hamstrings and glutes.

An isolation exercise for example would be bicep cable curls. This places all emphasis on the biceps (if done correctly).
Both these exercise types have their place, however to maximize your time in the gym, compound exercises are best.

You are also able to lift more with these types of exercises, especially during the first half an hour of your bodybuilding workout. The time when you have the most power and energy.

Just remember. When you are starting out with bodybuilding, the key is to first gain a firm grasp on your form. Even though you have more strength in the beginning and compound exercises are best. Don’t sacrifice form for the sake of going heavy.

No 8 – Take some bodybuilding supplements

What Bodybuilding Supplements To Take

Why not supercharge your bodybuilding by taking supplements? Not just any supplements, but the best bodybuilding supplements that help you exactly with what you need. A highly recommended supplement when it comes to bodybuilding is BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). BCAAs should be a first choice when it comes to training.

If you are looking for something to enhance your strength during training, then a good type creatine supplement would work tremendously. Don’t get caught up in the hype of the “the best creatine product”.

Monohydrate creatine has great properties and effects not only on your strength levels, but recovery and lean muscle gain too. If you feel you are struggling with energy (maybe from your day job or just tired in general), then why not take a preworkout supplement product. There are stimulant based ones and caffeine-based ones.

Use your discretion and do your research before purchasing either one of these preworkout type supplements. If you have a low tolerance to caffeine for example, you would want to avoid such a preworkout. These types generally have a high dose per serving of caffeine.

L arginine bodybuilding supplements are very effective. Basically L-arginine is converted into a chemical inside the body. This chemical is called Nitric Oxide (NO). You might have seen products labelled this way.

What Nitric Oxide does is improve blood flow. It does this by causing the blood vessels to open wider. This is important in muscle development and training. Aside from improved blood flow, L-arginine also simulates the release of GH (Growth Hormone) and insulin.

No 9 – Track your progress

Fitness Trackers

Without having some form of information or data to refer back to regarding your training, how else are you to see how you are performing. Visual representations of your efforts have a huge effect, not only on your future training, but your mind as well. This are one of the best bodybuilding tips I can give.

Being able to recall data on past workouts, will help you to understand where you are going wrong, or perhaps struggling with something. There are many Free and Paid apps available for mobile devices, that will track and monitor your progress purely on a automation basis.

You would need to do your research on these, to find the ones that would best suit you and your training.

Apart from keeping track of your bodybuilding routines, you should also track your dietary intake and requirements. We have great tools and trackers that are available for free download. Please use them if you wish. We always update our tracker database with the best bodybuilding trackers to use.

No 10 – 6 meal prep bodybuilding ideas for faster results

6 Best Bodybuilding Meal Prep Ideas

By utilizing our meal prep bodybuilding ideas, you can take control of your bodybuilding workouts and training. Being able to have your pre-made nutritious and protein packed meals ready for when you need to eat, is a huge saver.

Many people fall short of their bodybuilding or weight loss goals. Not because of their training or lack thereof. But rather with their diet. Dieting is such an important part of life. Not just for training, but also for general wellbeing.

Like many of us, we sometimes find ourselves succumbing to temptations for a quick meal because we have “no time”. This really doesn’t have to be the case. Read our article on 6 meal prep bodybuilding ideas to help you with your bodybuilding meal plans.

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