Top 3 Supplements For Muscle Gain

October 14, 2017
Top 3 Supplements For Muscle Gain

If you take your bodybuilding seriously, then you will want to find out what the Top 3 Supplements For Muscle Gain are? This post is about explaining to you what you should be taking for increased muscle size.

With all the science available today, there is definitely no shortage of muscle building supplements available. So with there being so many to choose from, how do we know which ones will do the trick?

What must be understood from the beginning, is that all great physiques are built on a solid training regimen and diet plan. Taking supplements to assist with gains is only effective with the right training style and type.

Top 3 Supplements For Muscle Gain Explained

Branch Chain Amino Acids

Taking branch chain amino acids should be your first choice when it comes to bodybuilding. These little powerhouses are incredible for muscle gain and maintenance. Three out of the 20 amino acids in the body are referred to as BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids). These are leucine, isoleucine and valine.

What these three amino acids do, is promote protein synthesis and regulate protein metabolism. These are important factors regarding a bodybuilding diet. Taking aminos can have a great effect on your bodybuilding gains.

There are many benefits to using BCAAs during your training, but the important ones to remember are:

  • An increase in muscle protein synthesis
  • Delayed DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Longer training endurance

There are different amino acid ratios. Commonly found ones are a 2.1.1 ratio. The formation of leucine, isoleucine and valine together, is how the BCAA ratio is derived. So a 2.1.1 ratio would mean 2 parts leucine, 1 part isoleucine and 1 part valine. Bodybuilders with larger physiques would normally look for a higher ratio, than those without.


Since the 1970’s, creatine (in supplement form), has been thought to be a beneficial factor in physical enhancement. After 1990, athletes had caught onto this mind set and started incorporating it into their training.

Creatine is a natural substance, but in the body it turns into creatine phosphate. Creatine assists with the provision of energy for muscle contractions.

Some of the creatine that the body uses, is produced from the body itself. However the rest is derived from the consumption of protein rich foods. Typically meats such as beef and fish.

There are many different forms of creatine on the market. These are often marketed as the best types to take. There is however little evidence to support the fact that these creatines are more effective than creatine monohydrate. A popular and more cost effective form of creatine, popular amongst fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts alike.

In terms of the “loading” phase of creatine, this is rubbish. Your body will absorb as much of the creatine as it can, the rest it will discard. “Loading” creatine will only reduce your supply. A sales techniques employed by most companies nowadays.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid, but not classed as an essential one. Well a non essential one by medical standards, but certainly nowadays by bodybuilding and fitness standards.

This amino acid is absorbed through the body much like other aminos, via protein rich foods. A typical physical sensation of this supplement is a “tingling” feeling. Most commonly experienced by those consuming certain preworkout products containing beta alanine.

The beneficial aspect of consuming beta alanine, is the ability it has to increase intra-muscular levels of carnosine. By taking beta alanine, the increased levels of carnosine may be enhanced. This is an important factor to take into consideration when performing high intensity exercises.

Conclusion On The Top 3 Supplements For Muscle Gain

So as you can see, there are the top 3 supplements for muscle gain. There are of course many variations of these 3 supplements, but with the right research, you will be able to decided which is the right one for you.

One thing we stress to our readers when it comes to supplementation, is the fact that they are exactly that. They are supplements and not substitutes. You can take all the supplements available on the market today and get nowhere, without the proper training routine and subsequent diet plans.

Do not become reliant on the supplements that you take, with the assumption that by taking them you will get the results that you desire. There is evidence to support the above mentioned supplements. But not by taking them independently to a structured training and dieting regimen.

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