Top 6 Protein Foods For Bodybuilding

April 9, 2018
Top 6 Protein Foods For Bodybuilding

If you take your bodybuilding seriously, then these top 6 protein foods for bodybuilding will set you on the right path. Protein is fundamental to the development and structure of muscles. Without the right amount of protein, you are seriously jeopardizing your bodybuilding gains.

Let us take a step back quickly. How many of you think that the exercising and workouts that you do are the most important? I can bet there are a few of you. The truth is, what you do in the gym is only 20% of the overall process. Dieting and the correct dieting is the single most important part of your journey. Get it wrong, and you will be wasting your time.

The human body requires many things in order to function. One of these requirements is nutrients and lots of it. It gets these nutrients from the food that we eat. Giving your body the “fuel” it needs to function correctly will see your gains sore through the roof. Ensure you are getting the right amounts of protein by calculating your protein intake.

Now let us get down to our top 6 choices for bodybuilding protein foods. There are many choices out there regarding bodybuilding foods, but these are our top selections that prove themselves time and again.

Top 6 Protein Foods For Bodybuilding

Protein Food 1 – Fish / Seafood (preferably salmon)

Fish Bodybuilding Protein Foods

What a perfect source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Exactly what your body needs for muscle development and growth. The conventional way of thinking would be to avoid fats altogether. This is true to a certain degree, but your body does require certain amounts of essential fatty acids.

Fish, especially salmon, provide your body with these essential fats. There are different varieties of salmon on the market and in our opinion any one will do. There are ones that are higher in protein content, such as the sockeye salmon. This might be more on the pricier side, but if you can afford it why not.

If salmon is not your forte, then fear not as there are many other fish types out there that will still provide quality protein for your diet. Cod is an excellent choice for a fish meal. It is packed with protein and low on calories.

Protein aside, cod is also packed with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. Two essential vitamins your body requires.

Protein Food 2 – Egg Whites

Egg White Protein

Why do you see almost every bodybuilder (especially professional ones) making sure they include egg whites into their daily diet? What could the nutritional value be of egg whites? It is simple! Egg whites are one of the purest forms of protein that you can get.

Let us take a closer look at this powerhouse source of egg white protein.

One of the greatest benefits of egg whites are that they are fat free. They are also made up of a variety of different amino acids (which should be your first choice for bodybuilding) which are paramount to the development of your muscles.

Egg whites also contain vital minerals that your body needs such as, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and calcium. They also contain no fat and cholesterol. We all know that these are things we do not want to include in our bodybuilding diet.

If you are looking for something extra to add to your bodybuilding breakfast, then why not scramble up some egg whites to go along with your porridge. Something we at Live For Gym love to do.

Protein Food 3 – Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast Bodybuilding Foods

Isn’t this source of protein just the best? There are so many different ways you can prepare your chicken to make it enticing and enjoyable to eat. A staple diet for any bodybuilder, which as proven it’s worth over and again.

Chicken breast has high protein content. Something that your body needs to build and recover. It is the more preferred poultry cut when it comes to a high source of protein, with less amounts of carbs, fats and calories.

If you feel like spicing up your meals, by changing poultry types, then turkey breast should be another option. The protein content in a turkey breast is higher than that of a chicken breast. Which makes its a preferred choice for other bodybuilders.

However turkey can be quite dry compared to chicken, making it difficult to enjoy (if your preference is of a slightly more moist palette). Our choice for a poultry source of protein is chicken. But feel free to experiment with both.

Protein Food 4 – Beef

Red Meat Protein Bodybuilding

The key here is lean beef. Making sure your cuts of red meat are free of fat, will ensure you capitalize on the maximum protein per gram. Having red meat as part of your bodybuilding diet is a crucial step in the success of your muscle development.

Red meat is an excellent source of rich protein that you body requires for putting on some serious size and mass. Not only is protein included in red meat, but other key ingredients such as Vitamin B, Zinc and Iron are too.

They key to consuming red meats as part of a balanced diet, is to consume it in moderation. Not only do red meats contain higher saturated fats than other sources of protein, they also take longer to digest. This is important to remember when contemplating having red meats in the evening.

Try get 2 meals a week of good high quality lean red meat. Examples of other great sources of such protein is round steak, loin steak and roast beef.

Protein Food 5 – Peanut Butter (but most nuts are good)

Peanut Butter Protein Foods

Never been interested in having some of these nutrient bursting sources of protein? Well maybe we can show you why adding them to your weekly diet can be extremely beneficial to your bodybuilding regimen.

Included in peanut butter are sources of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. These ingredients play important parts in the increasing of immunity and bone and muscle building. With all these super ingredients, why would you not want to have a spoonful of peanut butter.

The preferred version of peanut butter would be the natural ones. These are lower in sugars when compared to their counterparts. Always make sure you understand the nutrition labels and watch for the sugar content.

Peanut butter is also known for its potential to decrease your risk of diabetes, heart disease or other health conditions. As it is packed with monounsaturated fat, it is a great choice for a quick source of protein to eat on the go. Just grab a large tea spoonful on your way out the door if you are feeling “peckish”.

Powdered peanut butter is also a good option if you are looking for peanut butter with less fat, but still packed with protein. Buying “reduced fat” peanut butter isn’t always the best thing. Especially if you are thinking of less calories.

The way these products work is that the “missing” fat is replaced with other ingredients. These are not always what you want to be consuming. Pistachio nutrition is also a great option for your bodybuilding training.

Protein Food 6 – Whey Protein

Surely you have heard of this type of protein? It is only ever mentioned about a million times in the health and fitness industry. Product after product contain whey protein, some claiming they have the best on the market.

But what is whey protein and how it is beneficial to your bodybuilding workouts? Well whey protein is a mixture of proteins that has been isolated from whey itself. The watery portion of milk is where whey can be found. This is evident in separation of milk from cheese during production.

Heard of casein protein? Well this protein is found in milk along with whey. These two protein sources are extremely beneficial to your bodybuilding routine and can significantly increase your gains if taken correctly.

Essential amino acids are found in whey protein, making it a better choice than other forms of protein. Whey protein is also high in branched chain amino acids such as Leucine. So make sure you incorporate whey protein into your bodybuilding diet.

Don’t Forget Your Water

Water For Protein Bodybuilding

There is a twist to the top bodybuilding protein foods and that is water. Who would’ve thought the importance of water would be so crucial to your bodybuilding protein intake? Well the truth is that your body constitutes around 70% water.

Why do you think doctors and bodybuilding nutritionists always stress the importance of staying hydrated.?

To keep your muscles in an anabolic state, they need to be hydrated. This means consuming more water. Not just your “8 glasses a day”, but for serious bodybuilding and muscle development you are looking at around 9-10 litres of water a day.

We are getting serious here guys. If you want to “up your game” when it comes to your bodybuilding workouts, then you should make sure you have your water “on the ready”.

How do you think muscles have that “full” look? Your muscles, cells and ligaments all contain water, so make sure they don’t dehydrate.

By drinking water you can also benefit from the following;

  • Weight loss promotion
  • Flushing out of toxins and other unwanted radicals from your body
  • Skin complexion improvement and softening
  • Immune system boosting
  • Energy increase and fatigue reduction
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Effective nutrient transport medium for your body
  • Prevention of cramps and even sprains

Protein Foods Conclusion

To sum up this article on the best bodybuilding protein foods, there are many protein food sources on the market. Some of which have more nutritional and protein benefits than others. While some simply have no nutritional benefits at all.

Finding the right protein sources that have the desired effect, not just for bodybuilding, but for longevity as well can be difficult and time consuming. Through our experience and testing we have found that these top 6 bodybuilding protein foods keep producing the maximum results.

Ensure that you follow a balanced diet of not just protein, but other ingredients as well. Including foods high in fibre is great for regulating the bowels and helping with the breakdown of food during the digestive process.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please like and share it with your friends if you found it useful.

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