Body Fat Percentage

What Is Body Fat Percentage?

When we hear the term body fat percentage, what does it actually mean to you? For some of us we think competition level percentages. This is because we always hear about body builders or competing athletes referring to their body fat percentage. We make the assumption that those levels are acceptable for everyone.

This is not the case. Some bodybuilder will have 5% body fat, maybe even less. But for the average person, this level of body fat might not be healthy at all. Women tend to carry more fat than men, as they require it for different reasons. Mainly for healthier pregnancies.

Determining your body fat percentage will give you an understanding of where you are with regards to the levels of fat that you currently carrying.

Determine your body fat percentage

We have created a small body fat percentage calculator fro you to use. For measuring your body fat percentage, just grab a tape measure and measure the following areas listed in the fields below.

The results that are generated are based on averages. There are of course more advanced methods for determining body fat percentages, such as water displacement tests, full scale body analysis units (found in some gyms) and caliper tests.

Metric Imperial
Your Body Fat is
These calculations are based on averages.

Body Fat Percentage Categories

Classification Woman (% Fat) Men (% Fat)
Essential Fat 10-12 % 2-4 %
Athletes 14-20 % 6-13 %
Fitness 21-24 % 14-17 %
Acceptable 25-31 % 18-25 %
Obese 32 % 25 %

Remember! Your body fat percentage contains both essential fat and excess fat.

By determining your body fat percentage, you can determine whether or not the weight loss you are looking for are achievable. An informed decision about the type of weight loss program you want to undertake can be made. This will save heart ache and frustration from occurring later on.

Body Fat Percentage1) Exercise Tips

  • Maintain a healthy exercise regimen
  • Watch what you eat vs what you do

2) Dieting Tips

  • Gain a better understanding of foods and their values
  • Healthy eating is easily achievable

3) Lifestyle Tips

  • Be honest with yourself about your diet
  • Decide whether or not you can change it

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