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Calories Burned Calculation

If the calories burned during your session is important, then you need to track them. Most equipment nowadays will show you what calories you have burnt during the exercise. But some of us want to know what calories have been burnt without the help of fitness machines.

With our calculator, you can see what calories you have burnt by your heart rate. All you would need in this instance, would be a heart rate monitor. Most fitness watches and accessories have these on them.

Calculate the Calories Burned By Heart Rate

Better knowledge and understanding of the connection between your heart rate and the metabolism process, will help you burn calories more effectively.

Enter your details below into our calculator to see how many calories you have burnt.

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Calories Burned
These calculations are based on averages.

The Calorie Burning Range

Below is a table explaining roughly what happens to your body when you are training or exercising at a certain percentage of the normal HR (Heart Rate).  Of course there are many different zones and ranges that you can find for calories burnt or the average calories that can be burnt during any exercise session.

Target Zone Intensity % of HR max  Interval  Results
 Maximum 90 – 100  0-3 mins Good for neuromuscluar system and for maximum fat burning
Hard 75 – 90  3-15 mins  Increase endurance anaerobic capabilities
Moderate 60 – 75 15-45 mins Good for improving overall blood flow and anaerobic tolerances
Light 50 – 60 45-80 mins Increases metabolic process and conditions body for high intensity training
Very Light 40 – 50 15 – 45 mins Good range for recovery after hard exercising session

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