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Calculate Your Daily Calorie Intake

Whether we like it or not, our bodies require calories to perform our daily activities. Calculating your daily calorie intake is important, so you know what you need to be consuming. Remember that not all calories are bad.

We require calories for energy and we get this energy from the food that we eat. Below is a calculator for working out how many calories you need in a day based on certain factors.

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These calculations are based on averages.

Understanding Calories And What Where They Are Found

All things that we consume, whether it be food or drink, contain calories. Now there is a stigma attached to calories, as many of us are easily led to believe that calories are bad. This is not the case, as you will see by the table below what calories are in certain foods.

Remember that the rule of thumb is that as long as you burn more calories than you consume in a day, then you will lose weight. This applies to eating junk food only, but still burning more calories than you consume. The same results will apply, however we want to be eating healthy calories and not “empty” ones.

Calories in some of the common fruits

Food Size Calories
Apple 1 small 78
Banana 1 medium 105
Orange 1 large 87
Kiwi 1 medium 61

Calories in meat foods

Food Size Calores
Steak 100g 271
Salmon 100g 208
Chicken 100g 239
Turkey 100g 150
Chicken wings 100g 211

Calories in some common Vegetables

Food Size Calories
Brocolli 1 cup 31
Carrots 1 cup 45
Spinach 1 cup 7
Peas 1 cup 118

Calories in common drinks

Food Size Calories
Coca-cola 500ml 210
Diet Coke 500ml 2
Beer 500ml 220
Water 500ml 0
Wine 175ml 160

So as you can see, quite a few calories can be found in only a little portion of either food or drink. It’s not about counting calories as much as it is being aware of what is in what. With more knowledge about foods and what they contain, you will be able to workout healthy food choices for yourself.

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