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Use Our Tool To Calculate Your One Rep Max (1RM)

If you are wondering what your One Rep Max is, then fill in fields below and calculate your 1RM. Knowing what your one rep max is, helps you to determine the rep range you should be lifting in.

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Why do you need to calculate your 1RM?

For those looking to gain strength, they need to have a platform or base to which to work off. Based off what your what your one rep max should/could be, Strength workouts and programs are formed.

The routines or programs that are set out by a trainer or coach are based off percentages that are derived from your 1RM.

There are other ranges that strength routines or programs are set off and those are your 3RM or 6RM (3 rep or 6 rep max).

Of course it all depends on what low rep your program is based on. Once this is determined, the actual weight you will be using during your working sets, will differ from one to another.

One Rep Max
Repping Out

Be careful though of testing out your one rep max. As it says, this is the maximum weight you can push, lift or pull for 1 complete repetition.

This might look like a challenge, but bear in mind that someone could injure themselves or create discomfort. It is important to get assistance from someone that is experienced in heavy lifting.

Through their experience, they can guide you through the correct technique and form.

Rest And Recovery
Lifting one Rep

Once someone knows their one rep max (by percentage and actual testing), they have a solid platform off which to work with their strength routine. Training for strength is a great way to build your body up for getting your body to the size and shape you want.

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