Why Amino Acids Should Be Your First Choice

October 14, 2017
Why Amino Acids Should Be Your First Choice

If you are training your muscles then you will want to know Why Amino Acids Should Be Your First Choice. When it comes to taking supplements for athletes, BCAAs are important. Let us look at why this is.

The 3 main types of branched chain amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valine. Branched chain amino acids are important nutrients that the body requires. The body absorbs these amino acids from protein rich foods, such as beef and fish, dairy products and also legumes.

Medicinal purposes are the main reason amino acids are used, however athletes use them for different reasons. Some examples of conditions that branch chain amino acids are used to treat are:

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Certain brain conditions
  • Genetic diseases
  • Movement disorders
  • Poor appetite conditions

Why Amino Acids Should Be Your First Choice For Training

Not only do branched chain amino acids increase the rate of protein synthesis, they also increase the cells capacity for protein synthesis. A particular amino acid that promotes protein synthesis is leucine. After working your muscles, the repair process to them is done on a cellular level.

In order to assist with this cellular process, amino acid supplementation comes into effect. Some research shows that amino acid supplementation can decrease production of serotonin in the brain interior. Increased levels of serotonin can result in fatigue. This is commonly found in bodybuilders or during intense workout sessions.

Fuelling your muscles at a cellular level is important for the development of a stronger and powerful body. Something all of us can relate to when working out.

BCAAs are depleted from the body at a rapid pace during workouts. For this reason it is important to replenish them either during your workout, or straight after.

Cortisol (which destroys muscle) is also present in the muscles after your workout. It is important to reduce the levels of cortisol, so supplementing your workout with BCAAs can help with this.

For anabolic muscle development, the muscles need to synthesise other amino acids. Branched chain amino acids act as a carrier for the muscles to perform this synthesizing process.

Branched chain amino acids also great for anti catabolic processes. They help with the prevention of muscle loss and protein breakdown. These are all important aspects when it comes to muscle repair and development.

Conclusion On Branch Chain Amino Acids

As a supporting supplement for bodybuilding and muscle gain, taking amino acids should be on your shopping list. Everything someone does regarding working out, is done on a physical level. Our aim, focus or goal is a physical one.

The actions we take in order to accomplish these goals are done on a physical level. However, the repair and development process is done on a cellular level.

This is what we need to understand. Timing is also essential when it comes to taking supplements. As these processes are cellular, and triggered from different physical actions we take, replenishing depleted levels at the right times is crucial.

As branch chain amino acids are not formed in the body, they need to be taken as a supplement. But remember, do not take branch chain amino acids with other amino acids. The reason is that the 3 main BCAAs are superior in absorption rate.

They will almost always dominate the race for maximum absorption. So if you were wondering why amino acids should be your first choice, then hopefully this article has helped you see why.