Womens Fitness Test

October 14, 2017 / Fitness Articles
Womens Fitness Test

Regardless of whether you have been training for years or just starting out, when last did you do a womens fitness test? As a new start to the gym or just exercising in general, why not find out what your fitness levels are?

We have some basic test set out below to test your fitness levels. We recommend you reassess your fitness levels by retaking these tests every 5 months as you progress through your training.

Our Womens Fitness Tests

We have set out some basic exercises to test your fitness levels. The subsequent tables below each exercise show you different categories for your results. These results are calculated as a guide for you to see in which category you fall.

Cardio Tests

Testing your cardio ability is a great way to determine your maximum VO2 levels. VO2 is basically a determination of your ability to maintain a certain level of effort. The exercise is a simple one, but it will give you a good idea of which levels you are sitting at.

What Is Important About Testing Your Cardio Levels?

Cardiovascular capacity is important for any aspect of training. Finding out what your VO2 max is will help you progress through your training regimen. Would you not want to know what your aerobic endurance potential is? The maximum rate during exercise, at which your heart, lungs and muscles can effectively use oxygen, is called VO2.

With this information, you can make more informed decisions about how to modify, enhance and progress your training. Let’s take a look at your cardio exercises to test your fitness.

Walk or cycle for 1 mile. Perform the exercise at an RPE (Rate Of Perceived Exertion) 5. Do not go full speed. Once you have completed the mile, stop and make a note of the time it took. Then find your pulse (using your index and middle finger and not your thumb) and count the beats for 15 seconds. Take this result and multiply it by 4.

18-25 <40 40.1-44 44.1+
26-35 <38.6 38.7-43 43.1+
36-45 <36.4 36.5-39.3 39.34

Press Ups (For Strength)

The press up exercise is a very basic one and is used across many industries as a good way to test your body strength. One thing to remember with the press up exercise (and something many people don’t realise) is that your core plays a very important part in the execution of it.

Start with your arms shoulder width apart and hands flat on the floor. Your legs will be together and behind you, with your knees on the floor (see here for performing press ups with your knees off the floor). Perform your press-ups continuously for 1 minute. Remember to perform each press up with perfect form.

Take a look at the table below to see in which category you fall:

18-29 <15 16-22 23+
30-38 <13 14-18 19+
39-48 <11 12-16 17+

Core Strength Test

Your core is a vital element of your physique and is not specific to your abdominals muscles. It also includes your hips, diaphragm, lower back and pelvic floor. While a strong core, might give allow you to have a thinner waist line, it is also essential for proper posture.

This is something that many people don’t realise. A strong core is not just about beach body abs, but about overall wellness and body strength. Determining your core strength will enable you to determine where you can adapt and modify your training for better results.

Apart from a great physique and good posture, having a strong core is also beneficial in preventing injuries. Let’s take a look at core testing exercises.

18-29 15 seconds 20-30 seconds 40 seconds+
30-38 13 seconds 15-25 seconds 30 seconds+
39-48 10 seconds 13-20 seconds 20 seconds+

Keeping informed about your fitness levels will help you progress more effectively with your training regimen. Reassess your fitness levels by performing your womens fitness test every 5 months. We hope you found this page helpful.

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