Fat Burning


Ultimate Fat Shredder

For Advanced
This is non stop Fat Busting, right from the start! You will burn, you will scream and you will push harder than ever before!

Body Burner

For Intermediates
The Body Burner workout is brilliant for getting the fat burning process engaged at it's maximum. Go On! Give it your best!

Fat Blaster

For Intermediates
The Fat Blaster workout is designed to get the fat burning fast. You will feel it right from the start, so get ready to burn the fat.

Up The Heart Rate

For Intermediates
An increased heart rate, means fat burning has started. This routine is guaranteed to get your heart racing, while you train your body for maximum results. 20mins is all it takes. So what are you waiting for?

HIIT Machine

For Advanced
HIIT training is the key to increased heart rate. Which in turn leads to the fat burning process being engaged. This 20min, routine is designed to get your heart rate going right from the start.

The Destroyer

For Advanced
This routine will not just get you screaming, but will also start shredding the fat. We understand that not everyone has the time to train in the gym, so this routine will do the trick.

Push Yourself

For Advanced
Not for the faint hearted. This routine is designed to get your heart rate up from the start, so the fat burning process is engaged straight away. Haven't got much time? Then this is for you.