Back Blaster

Workout / Back / For Intermediates / 60 Minutes

Back Blaster Workout For Maximum Growth

This back blaster workout routine has been designed to maximize on triggering maximum growth receptors right from the start.

The important part of this workout is to ensure that you warm your back up correctly. Focus on maximum muscle contractions at the top of the range, and full extension at the bottom.

Deadlifts are included in the middle of the workout. This will offer variation to the range of motion your back is used to working under.

It also provides the opportunity to work harder during each lift, as your muscles have already been under tension for a while.

Form is absolute king during this workout. There is no need for letting your ego get in the way of your lifts.

So what is in this back workout for mass?

This back blaster workout incorporates lower back exercises and upper back exercises. This allows this back workout routine for mass to be effective.

Heavy lifting is not required during this back workout, but rather time under tension and maximum contractions.

The burn for each set, should kick in about 60% of the way. The last few reps should be a fight. But they should be achievable.

You are not going for the heaviest lift. This is a controlled workout with shorter rest times in between. The back needs to stay warm and full of blood.

A good idea would be to invest in some lifting straps. I use Beast Gear lifting straps and also Axe and Sledge lifting straps.

When you are using lifting straps, try not to make it a habit. By this I mean, do not strap up from the first set. You will never develop your forearms this way.

Rather lift until you have no more power for gripping, then strap up for the last few reps.

Make sure you get the right supplements


I am affiliated with Axe and Sledge and may receive a commission should you choose to purchase via my link (this is at NO extra cost to you). I only recommend products I have physically tried and tested myself. This photo is my own personal stack. You also receive a 10% discount on your purchase should you purchase through my link.

My go-to choice for supplements are Axe and Sledge. I have been using them consistently for a while now, and I will never change. They are extremely effective and my recovery times and increase in strength is phenomenal.

Supplementation is important when you are training for maximum muscle fatigue. Of course, your diet needs to be in line with what your goals are, but making sure you give your muscles what they need, when they need it is vital.

Here is your Back Blaster Workout