Bicep Growth Workout

Workout / Biceps / For Intermediates / 30 Minutes

A Routine Designed For Maximum Muscle Growth And Development

This Bicep Growth Workout is designed to hit both the long head and short head muscles for maximum efficiency. You will be utilizing a variety of bicep workout equipment for this routine.

I include this workout often in my usual arm workouts routine, as they are one of my favourite bicep workouts in gym.

The trick with this bicep workout, is to focus maximum contractions on the alternating dumbbell bicep curls. There are a good 4 sets of this bicep exercise, so you need to stay strong.

Are bicep workouts necessary for growth?

Biceps are worked more than you think during training. They are the secondary muscles to be worked during back workouts. All your pulling exercises work your biceps as well.

However, it is important to work your biceps independently to the rest of your muscle groups.

My best bicep workouts to build mass, are those that exhaust the long and short head muscles the most. Using various brachii exercises to accomplish this.

How many bicep workouts should you do for growth?

If you feel your biceps are lacking, compared to your other muscle groups, then you should try to get in an extra one or two bicep workouts a week.

What I normally do if I am trying to add some size to my long head bicep, is to hit it after a leg workout. Even though I am absolutely buggered after legs, I have some extra reserve power for my arms.

There is so much free testosterone kicking about your body after legs, that you can use that to fuel some bicep exercises.

I don’t over do it, but I might do about 6 sets of long head bicep exercises. Just to get them working with some extra testosterone from my legs.

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