Bicep Mass Workout

Workout / Biceps / For Intermediates / 30 Minutes


So you are looking for a Bicep Mass Workout are you? Well look no further! This bicep workout to build mass will pack on some serious bulk for those sleeve-huggers.

There’s nothing better than ripped and hard looking arms hanging of those broad shoulders of yours. So let us get to it then!

How do you do bicep workouts for mass?

The first thing that you need to understand about biceps, is that you have your compound exercises and your isolation exercises.

Compound bicep exercises are generally performed with heavier weights, as opposed to isolation exercises. Compound bicep exercises comprise of multi-muscle and joint movements. Thus, in order to lift or push a weight, multiple muscles are called upon to perform the rep.

Isolation bicep exercises differ from compound exercises, as they are a single joint movement. Therefore isolation exercises require maximum exertion from a single primary muscle for a specific joint movement.

Both of these bicep exercise types are required to build bicep mass.

Are bicep workouts necessary?

Your biceps are quite small in comparison to other surrounding muscles. You use your biceps more than you think during other workouts.

When you are doing pull exercises, your biceps are in fact the secondary muscles to be worked. Think back workouts!

As far as bicep workouts in gym goes, it is important to work them on their own. You can either assign a day exclusively for bicep workouts, or you can include them with tricep workouts.

But it is important to hit both the long head biceps and the short head biceps during a dedicated session.

If you feel that you need to add some more long head bicep exercises into your routine for example, then do that.

How many bicep workouts should you do?

This is very much boils down to each individual. There isn’t a one size fits all approach to bodybuilding and bicep workouts. Everyone requires different training to develop their body.

If your biceps are a weaker muscle group (such as mine are), then you should try to hit them twice a week.

You do need to rest your biceps, so it is important to remember this when you are performing a gym arm workout.

Take note of the other workouts you are doing. When last did you do your back? Is there enough rest in between them?

Other bicep building workouts to try!

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Here Is The Bicep Mass Workout!


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