Tricep Mass Builder

For Intermediates
For maximum definition and size in your triceps, then the Tricep Mass Builder is the one you want to try. Feel your triceps explode while you push through these exercises!

Lous Back Workout

For Intermediates
Finding yourself plateauing with your back workout? Try Lous Back Workout to bust past your obstacles to a stronger and leaner back.

Core Burner

For Advanced
Not for the faint hearted! This Core Burner workout is designed for those with an already developed core, but are looking for more.

Core Developer

For Intermediates
If you are looking to take your core strength to the next level? Then our Core Developer workout is the one for you!

Core Destroyer

For Beginners
Are you a beginner in the gym and looking to get your core developed? Why not have a go at our Core Destroyer workout?

Strength Gainer

For Beginners
A great workout for guys and girls who are starting out with exercising and looking to develop their overall strength!

Strength Builder

For Intermediates
Do you feel you are ready to take your strength to the next level? This Strength Builder workout is designed for just that!

Lift Strong

For Intermediates
Don't be fooled. This strength workout is not to be taken lightly. If you are experienced in the gym, but want more. Then go for it!
This is non stop Fat Busting, right from the start! You will burn, you will scream and you will push harder than ever before!

Body Burner

For Intermediates
The Body Burner workout is brilliant for getting the fat burning process engaged at it's maximum. Go On! Give it your best!

Fat Blaster

For Intermediates
The Fat Blaster workout is designed to get the fat burning fast. You will feel it right from the start, so get ready to burn the fat.

Shoulder Exploder

For Advanced
A gruelling shoulder workout, not for the weak willed. We have designed this workout for triggering maximum growth receptors!
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